Spend any amount of time outside the U.S., and chances are excellent that you’ll see a lot more scooters, no matter where you are. It’s not that the U.S. hates scooters, though. There are dedicated pockets of fans throughout the country, for sure. They just never took hold in such a broad cultural way as they have in a lot of other places.  

Sure, scooters are practical, and they come in a wide range of styles and aesthetics. They’re also generally pretty affordable, especially as compared to many new motorcycles. Still, that American hesitancy probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given our general two-wheeler preferences.  

You see, throughout most of the world, smaller displacement bikes and scooters can be found just about everywhere. Here in the U.S.A., though, riders regularly get questions about why they’re not riding a real bike if it’s under 1,000cc. Is it any wonder that scooters don’t get the love they deserve? Sadly, it’s a tough crowd for the tiny of displacement. Here at RideApart, we all have personal preferences—but in general, we’re pretty sure that two wheels are best wheels, period.

That said, there are plenty of nice scooter options to look forward to in 2021, all over the world. We’re dividing this list into sub-400cc scooters, maxi-scooters, and electric scooters, to keep things organized. Also, please be aware that not all scooters listed here are available in all countries. When in doubt, check with your local dealers to find out the most accurate information about model availability and pricing in your area. If you see something you love and it isn’t available in your area, consider doing what enthusiasts have done for decades and ask your favorite OEM about why it isn’t available in your market yet. 

New 2021 Scooters Below 400cc 

2021 Honda PCX 

2021 Honda PCX - Right Side - Angle View

The 2021 Honda PCX is known by just those three letters in the U.S., and sold as the PCX 160 elsewhere. There’s also a hybrid PCX e:HEV sold in some markets outside America, as well as a 125cc version.  

The PCX 160 is powered by a 156.9cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine, and comes with Honda Selectable Torque Control, LED lighting all around, and a 30-liter underseat storage area. Curb weight is 288 pounds. It hit American dealerships in March, 2021, in a rather nice Pearl White colorway.  

2021 Honda SH350i 

2021 Honda SH350i Red Right Side

The SH350i represents Honda upgrading its outgoing SH300i to offer a little more displacement. It uses Honda’s new 350cc eSP+ engine. Short for “Enhanced Smart Power,” it’s Honda’s way of telling you that it uses Honda’s ACG starter, Idling Stop System, programmed fuel injection systems, and a bunch of friction-reducing coatings and smart engineering to make the engine extremely smooth, intuitive, and user-friendly. You probably won’t even think about it while you’re riding, and that’s kind of the point.  

The 2021 SH350i comes with Honda Selectable Torque Control, an LCD display, Honda Smart Key, an LED headlight, and an underseat storage area of 30.4 liters. You also get a USB charging port fitted as standard. 

2021 Honda Dio 

2021 Honda Dio Launched In Japan

Introduced in Japan in February, 2021, the Honda Dio features a new design which separates it from other Honda Dios that went before. Since it’s a popular nameplate throughout Asia, likelihood is pretty high that this redesign won’t only stay in Japan. 

The 2021 Honda Dio is powered by a 110cc single-cylinder engine that makes approximately 8.6 horsepower and uses Honda’s ESP technology. Brakes consist of a disc up front, drum in the rear combination. Underseat storage is 18 liters, and should fit a single full-face helmet. It’s a pretty basic piece of transportation, with no bells and whistles like LED lights or even a USB charger onboard.  

2021 Motron Breezy 50, Ideo 50, and Ventura 125 

Motron Ideo 50 - Gray

Austrian distributor KSR introduced its new Motron brand back in February, 2021. At that time, it announced a slew of new motorcycles and scooters, with both piston-powered and electric options planned for launch in 2021. Among these were three piston-powered scooters: The Breezy 50, the Ideo 50, and the Ventura 125. 

The Breezy 50 is a pretty basic black 49cc scoot, clearly made for commuting short distances in urban settings. Meanwhile, the Ideo 50 takes the same basic commuter scoot idea and puts more of a classic look into its lines. It’s not quite a Honda Metropolitan, but if you squint and take your glasses off, it might look like one. Meanwhile, the Ventura 125 is a slightly bigger scoot with slightly bigger wheels. It’s got a little more power, and is probably a little more comfortable on longer rides—but still, we don’t anticipate you’ll be planning an Iron Butt on it anytime soon.  
Motron mainly plans to sell its entire line in Europe, although it may expand into Asia at a later date. 

2021 Yamaha BW’S 

2021 Yamaha BW'S

The 2021 BW’S is Yamaha’s 125cc adventure-styled scooter, first launched in Taiwan in October, 2020. It’s powered by a 125cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, and has disc brakes front and rear. Surprisingly for its adventure-styled aspirations, it only has a set of 12-inch wheels; meanwhile, the 2021 Honda ADV 150 boasts a 14-inch front and a 13-inch rear wheel while targeting the same audience.  

You also get a USB charging port, and an unspecified weight of 127 kilograms, or around 280 pounds. If that’s a curb weight, it’s pretty nice—and not terrible if it’s a dry weight, either.  

2021 Honda Forza 350 

2021 Honda Forza 350 Right Side

The 2021 Honda Forza 350 is powered by a 330cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. Other features include dual-channel ABS, Honda Selectable Torque Control, LED headlight, electronically-adjustable windscreen, and an underseat storage area that can comfortably fit two full-face helmets. Oh, you also get a cup holder (!) and a USB port to keep your phone charged on the go. Hey, this scoot is all about that commuting life, and it knows it. Now you do, too. 

2021 Honda Forza 250 

Honda Forza 250 Launched In Indonesia

In 2021, it appears that Honda definitely wants the Forza to be with you, in as many displacements as possible. Mind you, it’s also launching all these different displacements at different markets around the world, but it’s clear they want you to think there’s a Forza for everyone, including you. 

In any case, the 2021 Forza 250 launched in Indonesia with a 249cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that makes a claimed 22.7 horsepower at 7,750 rpm. Like the 350, it comes with an underseat storage area that can fit two helmets, HSTC, Honda Smart Key, and a USB port in the glove box.  

2021 Honda Forza 125 

2021 Honda Forza 125 Underseat Storage

The 2021 Honda Forza 125 bears a striking resemblance to its larger-displacement siblings, as usually happens in families. It’s powered by a 124.9cc liquid-cooled single, and comes with both dual-channel ABS and disc brakes all around. It gets a nice big 15-inch wheel up front, and a 14-inch wheel in the rear for smoother commutes on roads of questionable paving quality. Curb weight is 159 kilograms, or about 350 pounds.  

2021 SYM Jet X 

2021 SYM Jet X Coming To Malaysia

The 2021 SYM Jet X is powered by a 149.6cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, and stops with disc brakes all around. Other features include LED lighting, an LCD instrument cluster, and keyless ignition. Its aggressive styling looks very modern, and not even a little bit retro. If that’s your aesthetic, this could be an option for you. 

2021 Yamaha XMAX 300, XMAX 300 Tech Max, and XMAX 125 

2021 Yamaha XMAX

The 2021 XMAX family is full of Euro 5-compliant single-cylinder engines, just waiting for you to ride them. The 300 and 300 Tech Max are powered by a 292cc unit, and get LED lighting, traction control, Smart Key, a 12V outlet, front and rear disc brakes with ABS as standard, and a capacious underseat storage area that fits two full-face helmets. The Tech Max gets a bunch of cosmetic upgrades, as well.  

Meanwhile, the XMAX 125 is powered by a 124cc unit with variable valve actuation that Yamaha says offers stronger acceleration. It also lost around 9 pounds of weight as compared to the 2020 model. LED lighting, a two-position adjustable windscreen, traction control, Smart Key, underseat storage that fits two full-face helmets, a 12V outlet, and disc brakes all around are some other key features on the diminutive 125.  

2021 Yamaha Aerox 

2021 Yamaha Aerox Launches In Thailand

The 2021 Yamaha Aerox is a sporty, aggressive-looking scoot that’s powered by a 155cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that produces a claimed 15 horsepower. It uses Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation to give it a little more oomph when you twist the throttle. LED lights, integrated turn signals, an LCD display, smartphone connectivity, a larger 5.5-liter fuel tank, and nice, bright colors help make the Aerox stand out.  

2021 Honda ADV 150 

2022 Honda ADV 150

Unlike the X-ADV, the ADV 150 is confirmed to be making landfall on American shores for 2021. It uses the same engine found in the PCX 150, but pairs that with more Africa Twin-esque body styling. The ADV 150 rides on a 14-inch front wheel and a 13-inch rear, along with a 41mm Showa front fork with 5.1 inches of travel and dual Showa rear shocks with 4.7 inches of travel. Front braking comes from a disc brake with ABS, while the rear gets a drum. Are you ready for some tiny, light trail adventures on your scoot? 

2021 Honda Grazia 125 and 125 Sports Edition 

2021 Honda Grazia

The 2021 Honda Grazia 125s  are powered by a 124cc single-cylinder engine that puts out a claimed 8 horsepower. A front disc and a rear drum brake stop you, as well. It gets an LED headlight, daytime running lights, an LCD instrument panel, and an idle-stop system to help make it as fuel efficient as possible. The external fuel-filler cap makes it easy to refuel without having to lift your seat. What’s not to like?  

2021 Piaggio Beverly 300 HPE 

2021 Piaggio Beverly 300 HPE - Right Side Alternate

The 2021 Piaggio Beverly 300 HPE is Euro 5-compliant, and produces around 23 percent more power and 16 percent more torque than the previous version, according to the company. Considering that the old version made a claimed 21 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 16.59 ft-lbs of torque at 5,750 rpm, that’s a nice little bump. It also comes with a new keyless ignition system, digital instrumentation, LED lighting, and Bluetooth connectivity.  

2021 Honda NX125

Honda NX125 Launched In China

The 2021 Honda NX125 is a very sporty-looking little 125cc scooter, introduced in late 2020 in the Chinese market with high likelihood of finding its way to other countries across Asia. It’s not super retro in appearance, nor is it really very cute. It’s pretty aggressive in its lines, which makes it stand out among other 125cc scoots.  

Its 125cc engine makes about 9 horsepower, and its dual LED headlights add a menacing glare that it probably can’t back up with that engine. Is Resting Sport Face a thing? If so, that’s what the NX125 has, but it’s actually a pretty standard commuter underneath. Digital instrumentation, a USB port to charge your phone, and ample underseat storage to fit a single helmet are more of what you can expect from this scoot. 

2021 WMoto ES125 and Special Edition

WMoto ES125 Scooter Launched In Malaysia

The 2021 WMoto ES125 is a homegrown Malaysian model powered by an air-cooled, 118.8cc single-cylinder engine that makes a claimed 9 horsepower. Its sporty good looks include LED headlights and daytime running lights. It’s also practical, with 9 liters of underseat storage space and a built-in USB charger. While the regular ES125 is available in red, black, or gray, the Special Edition gets a very nice teal color option. 

2021 TVS Jupiter DX Disc 

2021 TVS Jupiter IntelliGo

The 2021 TVS Jupiter DX Disc is equipped with IntelliGo, which is what TVS calls its idle start/stop system. It’s BS6-compliant, and is sold in India by one of the company’s largest moto manufacturers. The previous BS4 version was carbureted, but this one is powered by a fuel-injected 110cc single. Other features include LED lighting, 21 liters of underseat storage, an additional 2 liters of glovebox storage, and a USB port so you can charge your phone.  

2021 Yamaha NMAX 125 and D’elight 

2021 Yamaha NMAX - Right Side Parked City Blue

Is groove, in fact, in the heart? While we may never know the answer to that question, the 2021 NMAX 125 and D’elight both feature Yamaha’s new 125cc Blue Core engine as their four-valve, liquid-cooled hearts. Variable valve actuation helps to optimize engine efficiency and performance throughout the rev range, according to Team Blue.  

Other features include idle start/stop, traction control, LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, Smart Key, ABS, a charging port, and a 7.1-liter fuel tank good for an estimated 300 kilometers, or about 186 miles. The NMAX is modern and sporty in exterior styling, while the D’elight has a decidedly more retro appeal. Later in 2021, an NMAX 155 is expected to hit dealerships across Europe in August.  

2021 Kymco DT X360 

2021 Kymco DT X360

Not wanting to get lost in the adventure scooter boom, the 2021 Kymco DT X360 is powered by a 321cc single that makes a claimed 28.2 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque. It features traction control, LED lighting, a big underseat storage area that can fit two full-face helmets, an LED dash, two USB charging ports, and keyless ignition. It rolls on 14-inch front and 13-inch rear alloy wheels, which come shod in aspirational dual-sport rubber. At a curb weight of 428 pounds, it fits right in with other scoots in this segment.  

2021 SYM Maxsym 400 

All-New SYM Maxysm 400 Scooter Makes Its Debut

The 2021 Maxsym 400 is powered by a 399cc, liquid-cooled thumper that outputs a claimed 34 horsepower and 30 ft-lbs of torque. Traction control, keyless ignition, and an adjustable windscreen all come standard on this maxi-scoot, as well. For 2021, SYM says it redesigned the chassis to drop around 18.5 percent of its previous weight, which is pretty impressive if accurate. 

2021 Aprilia SXR 125 

Aprilia SXR 125

The 2021 SXR 125 is powered by a 124.45cc single-cylinder engine, and comes with LED lights, digital instrumentation, and moderately aggressive styling. The bodywork clearly calls to mind that of larger maxi-scooters, rather than the purely sporty scoots that Aprilia is usually more readily associated with. The triple-lensed headlight cluster very clearly says Aprilia, and calls to mind its bigger sportbike siblings. That soft, comfortable-looking saddle has commuter scoot written all over it, though—and that’s no bad thing, because that’s what it is. 

2021 Vespa Primavera and GTS 75th Anniversary Edition

Vespa Launches Primavera And GTS 75th Anniversary Edition

Did you know that 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of Vespa? It’s true! In fact, it was April, 1946 when the first Vespa patent was originally filed in Italy. Happy birthday, Vespa!  

To celebrate 75 years of unmistakable and classic design, your favorite Italian wasp is releasing special 75th anniversary variants of its popular Primavera and GTS models. The colorway is called “Giallo 75th,” and features subtle 75 numbering ghosted into the flared sides of the tail section. These special editions also sport a smoked gray leather saddle, as well as a round leather bag on the back meant to evoke the spare wheel that classic Vespas used to carry back in the day. There’s also a fancy owner’s welcome kit with your purchase, which includes a bevy of stylish Italian goodies to celebrate the iconic brand right. 

New 2021 Maxi-Scooters (400cc and above) 

2021 Suzuki Burgman 400 

2021 Suzuki Burgman 400

The newly Euro 5-compliant 2021 Suzuki Burgman 400 features a new twin-spark cylinder head, which Suzuki says makes for cleaner, more efficient combustion. It also sports redesigned ABS, traction control, 42 liters of underseat storage space, a 12V power outlet, and LED lighting all around.  

2021 Honda Forza 750 

2021 Honda Forza 750

Besides winning a 2021 Red Dot Design Award, what does the new 2021 Honda Forza 750 have to offer riders? For a start, it’s fitted with the same 745cc parallel-twin engine you’ll find in the X-ADV and the NC750X. It is, of course, Euro 5 compliant, and produces a claimed 58 horsepower at 6,750 rpm and 50.89 lb-ft of torque at 4,750 rpm, with increased low- to mid-range performance in particular.  

Other Forza 750 features include DCT, Honda Selectable Torque Control,  and four riding modes—not usually found on scooters, even if they’re maxi. Riders also get a 5-inch TFT display, Honda Smart Key, Honda Smartphone Voice Control, and of course a USB port to keep your phone charged up. 

2021 Honda X-ADV 

2021 Honda X-ADV View

The X-ADV is Honda’s 745cc parallel-twin-engined beast of an adventure-styled scooter. Engine specs are the same as those found in the Forza 750, but styling is much more rugged and adventure-y. You can take it for some light off-road duty, as various riders have done since its introduction. It’s certainly not a BMW GS, but it’s also not trying to be, either. So far, the U.S. doesn’t get it, but it’s quite popular in Europe and has been steadily rolling out in other markets around the world, as well.  

2021 Yamaha TMAX and TMAX Tech Max 

2021 Yamaha TMAX

The 2021 Yamaha TMAX and TMAX Tech Max are both powered by a Euro 5-compliant 560cc parallel twin engine. Dual disc brakes stop you up front, while a single rear disc stops you in the rear. It also gets a 41mm USD fork, which is uncommon in the scooter world. Other nice features include traction control, standard ABS, LED lights, two ride modes, Smart Key, and an illuminated underseat storage area that fits either two jet or one full-face helmet. The TMAX Tech Max adds an electric windscreen, cruise control (!), heated grips and seat, and a premium Power Grey color option.   

2021 BMW C 400 GT and C 400 X 

BMW Updates C 400 GT And C 400 X Maxi-Scooters

The 2021 BMW C 400 GT and C 400 X both benefit from a revised throttle-by-wire system. They’re both powered by a 350cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine, which produces a claimed 34 horsepower. I probably don’t have to say this, but they are both also Euro 5-compliant. The CVT also underwent some tweaks that BMW says make it much smoother to operate, particularly in low-speed situations.  

2021 Piaggio Beverly 400 HPE 

2021 Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE - Right Side Angle Alternate

The 2021 Piaggio Beverly 400 HPE, which is Euro 5 compliant, gets a claimed 17 percent horsepower and 30 percent torque boost over the outgoing model. According to the company, it now produces over 35 horsepower, which will likely be a welcome upgrade for riders upgrading from the outgoing 350. Keyless ignition, digital instrumentation, LED lights, and Bluetooth connectivity come standard on the Beverly 400 HPE, as well.  

2021 Kymco CV3

Kymco CV3 Trio

The 2021 Kymco CV3 three-wheeled scooter is powered by a 550.4cc, liquid-cooled, parallel twin that makes a claimed 50-ish horsepower at 7,500 rpm, in addition to 39.09 ft-lbs of torque at 5,750 rpm. It’s clearly meant to compete, at least on paper, with the Piaggio MP3 500.  
It features a USD front fork, two 13-inch alloy wheels up front and a single 15-inch alloy in the rear, and disc brakes all around. Curb weight is just over 617 pounds, so definitely don’t roll this one over your foot by accident.  

New 2021 Electric Scooters 

2021 NIU MQiGT

NIU MQiGT Electric Scooter - Colors

If you love NIU’s clean and modern design language, but you want an electric scoot that’s better suited to passenger and cargo hauling, the 2021 MQiGT may just be what you want. To be clear, it’s no speed demon. Top speed is a claimed 70 kph (or 43.5 mph), but if you’re just looking to commute around tightly packed urban areas, it’s probably ideal.  

The MQiGT is powered by a Bosch 3100W motor, rides on 14-inch wheels, and has disc brakes front and rear. You have a choice of single or dual batteries in your MQiGT. A single battery charges in four hours, while the dual battery setup charges in 4.5 hours, which works well for most commutes. Other features include an LED headlight, USB charging port, and a smartphone app that alerts you if your scooter makes any unexpected moves without you. Curb weight is 115 kilograms, or just over 253 pounds. Carrying capacity is a claimed 269 kilograms, or 593 pounds. 

2021 Motron Whizz and Voltz 

Motron Voltz - Black

KSR-distributed brand Motron introduced two new electric scooters among its 2021 full line announcement. The brand sells both piston-powered and electric motorcycles and scooters, with an initial launch in Europe earlier in 2021, and plans to expand to Asia at a later date.  

The Whizz and the Voltz are both small, industrial-looking electric scooters. Motron has mentioned delivery ambitions in the past, and these scooters both definitely look the part. The Voltz is a basic black, blocky unit with small wheels and a step-through design, while the Whizz has a slightly more modern, open look thanks to its prominent silver grab rail and wraparound clear headlight. The wheels are also a little larger on the Whizz, which likely makes the ride a little less jolty over pothole-strewn city streets.  

2021 Honda Gyro E 

Gyro E

Honda Gyros have been rolling around, steadily making deliveries and ferrying cargo between stops since 1982. They’ve come in several variations, with the name deriving from their tilting trike tendencies, which work particularly well for their cargo delivery purpose. As we move into a more electrified era, it’s no wonder that Honda chose to introduce the Gyro E in 2021.  

It uses Honda Mobile Power Packs, which are swappable, and are also seen in the Honda Benly E. Recharge time is 4 hours, but swappability means that with battery stations located throughout Japan (where the Gyro E has currently launched), keeping topped up shouldn’t be too difficult for delivery riders. Curb weight is 310 pounds, and the electric motor produces a claimed 4.3 horsepower and 9.6 lb-ft of torque.  

2021 Gogoro Viva Mix 

Gogoro Viva Mix Color Range

Gogoro blends retro and modern styling cues and emotions pretty seamlessly with its designs, and that trend continues with the 2021 Viva Mix. The company says it’s roughly on par with a 125cc gas unit in terms of power, with a claimed top speed of 90 kph (or 55 mph), and a range of about 150 km (or 93 miles). Its body panels are also made of a 100-percent recyclable polypropylene, which is good news if you scuff one up badly and need to replace it.  

You get 23.9 liters of storage space under the seat, a USB charging port, and an option to upgrade to the Viva Mix Belt. While the base Viva Mix has a regular 6kW water-cooled Gogoro electric motor, the Viva Mix Belt adds in a Gates carbon fiber belt and a low-resistance helical gear as part of Gogoro’s Flo Drive system. That gives you added durability, ease of maintenance, and an extra-quiet ride.  

2021 Blacksmith B4

Blacksmith Electric B4 Scooter - Left Rear Angle

Going for a strikingly different aesthetic, Indian company Blacksmith plans to launch its B4 and B4+ electric scooters by the end of 2021. The regular B4 is meant for a single rider, or a rider with a passenger and a little bit of stuff they want to carry. The B4+ is aimed more squarely at delivery riders, and comes with a cargo box fitted as standard.  

Blacksmith scoots come with swappable batteries, and claimed range is 120 kilometers, or 74.6 miles. Top speed is a respectable 120 kph, or 74.6 mph. Like some other scoots on this list, Blacksmith says these batteries will charge in just four hours. Carrying capacity is 200 kilograms, or up to 440 pounds, which seems quite useful. LED lights, alloy wheels, and projector headlamps also figure into the B4 and B4+ designs.  

2021 Yadea G5, C-line, C-Umi, and C1S

2021 Yadea C1S

While Yadea is a well-known electric scooter company in China, it’s less well-known in other countries. For 2021, it’s expanding its presence in Europe by launching all four of these scoots across the continent. The C-Umi and C-line are both powered by a 1.2 kW motor that produces a claimed 21.5 lb-ft of torque. They’re both incredibly light weight, as well, weighing in at just 132 pounds apiece. Top speed on these smallest Yadea scoots is just 27 mph, on removable batteries that have a claimed 31-mile range and take five hours to recharge. Both come with disc brakes up front and drum brakes in the rear.  

If those specs don’t sound too appealing, the G5 can go up to 35 miles before it needs a charge, weighs 165 pounds, gets disc brakes all around, and also has a 7-inch TFT dash up front. With added snazzy dashboard comes additional smartphone connectivity on this model, as well.

Finally, the C1S boasts combined braking, a 25-liter underseat storage space, the same 7-inch TFT dash as the G5, and a 47-mile range.  

2021 Kymco F9

Kymco F9 - Left Side

The 2021 Kymco F9 strikes a bit of a balance between an electric scooter and an electric motorcycle, stylistically speaking. It’s honestly kind of refreshing, for that reason. The company is calling it a sport scooter, and it’s pretty easy to see why from that appearance.  

It’s powered by a 9.4kW motor that makes a claimed 22.13 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is 110 kph, or about 68 mph. Claimed range is about 120 kilometers, or 74.5 miles. Additionally, Kymco says a fast charger can fill up that battery in about two hours. Curb weight is just 107 kilograms, or about 236 pounds. We’ll be especially excited to see this hit the road when it finally rolls out of the Kymco factory. 

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