The 125s are coming! The 125s are coming! Yamaha Europe is back at it with its pair of updated NMAX and D’elight 125cc scooters, ready to help riders both effortlessly and stylishly zip around on the daily. Both are, as expected, Euro 5 compliant—but each has its own distinct personality. Let’s take a look.  

The 2021 NMAX 125 and D’elight both feature Yamaha’s 125cc EU5 Blue Core engine, which is a liquid-cooled, four-valve thumper. It uses variable valve actuation, featuring an intake camshaft that has two cam lobes: one good for low-to-mid RPM and one for high RPM. This allows the VVA system to use whichever cam lobe suits the situation, which Team Blue says helps it optimize efficiency and performance. 

The 2021 NMAX 125 also gets a start/stop function, traction control, LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, Smart Key keyless ignition, a 7.1-liter fuel tank that provides an estimated 300km (just over 186 miles) between refills, a power socket, and ABS. All that comes wrapped in a sporty new redesign, including both the frame and the bodywork. There’s also a bigger 155cc version available with all the same features. The 2021 NMAX comes in Anodized Red, Phantom Blue, or Power Grey. 


Meanwhile, the 2021 D’elight gets what Yamaha is calling a “new unisex body design,” because apparently scooter body designs are gendered and no one told all the riders of various genders who've been riding whatever scooters we want. Anyway, Team Blue is quick to point out that the D’elight is an incredibly lightweight scooter, with a curb weight for the 2021 model of 101 kilograms (or just under 223 pounds). For reference, that’s 2kg (4.4 pounds) heavier than the outgoing D’elight model (surely due to Euro 4-to-5 differences), and a full 30 kg (66 pounds) lighter than the 2021 NMAX 125.  

2021 Yamaha NMAX - Blue - Right Side Studio
2021 Yamaha D'elight - White - Right Side Studio

The 2021 D’elight features more classic/retro styling than the NMAX, but also features start/stop technology, underseat storage space, and a new assist grip for easy parking. The 2021 D’elight comes in Pearl White, Power Black, or Lava Red.  

Gallery: 2021 Yamaha NMAX and D'elight

Yamaha Europe expects the 2021 D’elight to be available in dealers from December, 2020. Meanwhile, the 2021 NMAX 125 will be available from February, 2021. If you want a 2021 NMAX 155, you’ll be waiting a little while, as those won’t roll into dealers until August, 2021. Pricing varies by region, so check with your local Yamaha Europe dealer for information in your area.  

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