While the street-going version of Yamaha’s R6 may be sailing into the sunset at the end of 2020, there’s a small bit of good news from Yamaha Europe. That is, if you’re a track aficionado, anyway. For 2021, Team Blue is exclusively releasing the non-homologated R6 RACE for track days and racing only.  

Customers purchasing an R6 RACE can personalize their new bike to an as-yet unspecified degree, Yamaha promises. It’s powered by a 599cc DOHC inline four with titanium valves, nestled neatly inside a Deltabox aluminum frame. A magnesium sub-frame, KYB suspension, traction control, Yamaha D-modes, and a ride-by-wire throttle complete the package. 

So far, this 2021 model has only been announced by Yamaha Europe, and it’s unclear whether it will make it to North American shores. Still, considering how R6s dominate track days on this side of the pond, it seems likely that the thought had to have at least come up in conversation. 

2021 Yamaha R6 Race - Black
2021 Yamaha R6 Race - Cornering

Since Yamaha doesn’t have to worry about a whole lot with its non-homologated R6 RACE, it’s also taking the gloves all the way off with its additional R6 GYTR kit. It’s full of all the track-focused goodies you want, whether you’re looking to dominate in World Supersport or not.  

It comes with a full titanium Akrapovič exhaust, stainless steel brake lines, front brake lever guard, rear sprocket guard, rear paddock stand hooks, and a paddock stand. You also get the sprocket drive 14T, rear sprocket, sprocket nut set, and DID gold race chain for a 520 conversion.  

Gallery: 2021 Yamaha R6 RACE

Then there are all the GYTR bits, which include: race cowling set, ECU set, wire harness set, on/off switch, interface cable, AIS plug set, ABS emulator, keyless fuel cap, seat cushion, and a fully adjustable racing rear set with optional reverse shifting kit.  

Wondering where the Öhlins parts are? They and additional GYTR bits you can add on are also available from your friendly Yamaha Europe dealer—or they will be, once the R6 RACE rolls out on the continent. Speaking of which, all this R6 RACE and GYTR goodness should be available in January, 2021. If you’re interested, you should contact your local Yamaha dealer for additional information about pricing and availability.  

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