Piaggio’s Beverly scooter line may not be the very first thing you picture if someone says the word “scooter” to you. Then again, how do you compete against an icon like Vespa to be that top-of-mind? I have no way to prove this, but I’d bet a lot of people who don’t ride automatically picture a Vespa if you say that word, and that’s just how it is. 

Still, the Beverly line has been around since 2001 in various versions. Before I eventually got my Burgman 400, I remember liking the BV 650’s styling enough to check it out in person. It was much too big, so I moved on. So, too, did the Piaggio Beverly—eventually finding its sweet spot in the 300 to 350cc range. For 2021, it’s getting a face lift, shiny new Euro 5-compliance, and a slight adjustment in displacement range. 

The outgoing 300cc Beverly produced a claimed 21 horsepower at 7,250 rpm, along with 16.59 ft-lbs of torque at 5,750 rpm. Piaggio has yet to release power figures for the new Euro 5 Beverly 300 and 400, but given how similarly so many OEMs have managed to engineer these updates, there’s no reason to expect that it won’t be the case here, as well. Going from 350 to 400cc of displacement for the top of the range isn’t a big surprise with Euro 5, either. 

2021 Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE - Right Side Angle Alternate

Styling is more streamlined and aggressive for both the regular Beverly and the S, which Piaggio sells with a little windscreen. Piaggio describes the S as being “grittier and sportier,” which seems to be more accessory and styling-related than necessarily indicative of a change in performance.  

Gallery: Piaggio Beverly 300 HPE and Beverly 400 HPE S

In any case, both Beverly models come with a new keyless system, fully digital instrumentation, LED light clusters, and Bluetooth connectivity. We wish there were more details about any of these features, but for now, Piaggio is hoping this entices plenty of people to check out the updated Beverly at their earliest convenience.  

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