Honda Japan has unveiled their newest scooter in the Japanese market. The 2021 Honda Dio is in fact, an all new scooter, despite carrying the Dio namesake, a scooter well acquainted with in the Asian market. It features an all new design, which detracts heavily from the Dio found in other Asian markets such as India. That said, the new Dio launched in the Japanese market could indicate that this new scooter will soon roll out across Asia. 

Going into the details of the 2021 Honda Dio, we find revised styling in the form of a new headlight which is situated on the handlebar as opposed to the apron. This new styling feature also provides a tad more safety, as the headlight will follow the rotation of the handlebars, as in a standard motorcycle. Additionally, the 2021 Honda Dio gets revised body work employing a blend of sportiness and utility. Under the seat resides an impressive 18 liters of storage—large enough to fit a full face helmet. On the apron, Honda has fitted a cubby hole large enough to hold your gadgets, a bottle of water, or other personal belongings.

2021 Honda Dio Launched In Japan

As far as performance goes, the Dio has been fitted with a 110cc single cylinder engine which pumps out the better part of 8.6 horsepower thanks to Honda's Enhanced Smart Power (ESP) technology which aims to maximize performance and efficiency. Its underpinnings consist of a basic braking system which is made up of a front disc and rear drum combo. The bike is sprung on standard telescopic forks up front, and a side-mounted mono-shock out back.

Creature comforts are minimal, and consist merely of an immobilizer and an analogue-digital instrument cluster. It does, however, miss out on LED lights, a USB charger, and an external fuel cap, thus making the JPY 223,000, or $2,123 USD retail price a tad steep. 

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