Enrico Punsalang

Enrico Punsalang,

Daily News Writer

Enrico has been a motorcycle enthusiast for all his life. Having ridden all sorts of motorcycles, he particularly enjoys naked bikes and sportbikes. A marketing and communications specialist by profession, Enrico has worked with some of the Philippines' biggest companies ranging from consumer goods to information technology.

Corporate life aside, Enrico has been working on a passion project, his personal blog, RideScape Motorcycle Diariesfor two years now. Apart from this, he has created content for Philippine automotive publication, MotoDeal. Enrico has been a member of the RideApart team since 2019. During his free time, he enjoys everything on two-wheels from scooters, mountain bikes, and of course, motorcycles. He's also an automotive enthusiast, frustrated musician, and wannabe mechanic. 

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