While virtual presentations and videos are now pretty much the norm in the motorcycle industry thanks to the coronavirus, our hat is totally off to Austrian motorcycle and scooter distributor KSR. So far, in 2021, they’ve led many of us on a merry chase, thinking we would soon see a Malaguti revival, possibly taking the shape of an adventure bike.  

As it happens, we were half-right. The bike we caught a tiny glimpse of earlier in the “Follow the M” video teaser series is, indeed, an ADV-styled creature. It’s called the X-Nord 125, and will be sold in versions both with and without hard luggage. The mysterious “M,” however, has about as much to do with Malaguti as it does with James Bond.  

Friends, meet Motron. No, it is not what happens when a bunch of motorcycles come together to form one single giant robot to save humankind from a fast-approaching intergalactic threat. Instead, it’s KSR’s new motorcycle brand featuring both internal combustion and electric powertrains. Although the X-Nord 125 is the star of the company’s fourth and final “Follow the M” teaser, a full range of Motron bikes can be seen on the brand’s official website. 

Motron X-Nord 125 Touring - White
Motron Cubertino - White

The piston-powered motorcycle range features the X-Nord 125, Revolver 125, and the Warrior 400. There’s also a range of piston-powered 50 and 125cc scooters to consider, including the Breezy 50, the Ideo 50, the Ideo 125, and the Ventura 125. Sometime in the latter half of 2021, KSR plans to introduce the Nomad 125 and X-Nord 400 in this category, as well. 

Under the Electric heading, the Whizz and the Voltz are two electric scoots with a very modern look to them. Meanwhile, the Cubertino looks an awful lot like a certain world-famous piston bike that you meet the nicest people on. (It also has the least subtle name ever, but we’ll leave that alone for now.) Finally, the Vizion electric bike looks a bit like a Honda Grom got a trellis frame.

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Motron’s initial focus is Europe, with planned distribution in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. As of February, 2021, Motron parent company KSR Group says that the Whizz, Cubertino, Voltz, and Vizion models should be launching in Q1 of this year. The X-Nord 125, Revolver 125, Warrior 400, Breezy 50, Ventura 125, Ideo 50, and Ideo 125 should follow in Q2 if all goes according to plan. 

What about pricing? The electric two-wheelers will range from € 1,899 to € 2,999 (or about $2,300 to $3,633). Piston-powered scooters will range from € 1,499 to € 2,299 (or about $1,816 to $2,785). Piston-powered motorcycles will top the price range from € 2,799 to € 2,999 (or $3,390 to $3,633) for the 125s, with the Warrior 400 coming in at € 4,999 (or $6,055). 

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