Thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, we’ve seen an abundance of virtual presentations and teaser videos over the past six months. While ringing in the new year typically signals the end of the new model unveiling season, numerous brands like Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson saved its best for last.

Another company that’s been keeping its cards close to the chest is Austria’s KSR Group, and if its latest teaser video is any hint, the conglomerate could grow to include one more motorcycle brand.

With brands like Brixton Motorcycles, Malaguti, Lambretta, and KSR Moto already under its corporate umbrella, KSR Group is Europe’s two-wheeled imports leader. The firm is also mainland Europe’s principal distributor of Royal Enfield, Benelli, Niu & Malaguti. Despite that wide-ranging and diverse portfolio, KSR secured trademarks for March and Motron last summer. Coincidentally, both monikers start with the letter ‘M’, the initial that KSR’s latest teaser is imploring the audience to follow.


The video starts with protagonist Max Deep sludging through the work-from-home scenario we’re all too familiar with at this point. Of course, the unending tedium leads to a daydream where our hero encounters “a swarm of yellow lights” and a woman’s voice beckoning him to “follow the M.” What unfolds is a montage of Max Deep chasing the dragon through a series of poorly-timed naps where he eventually encounters a suit-clad motorcyclist and a mysterious motorcycle key.

The ’s cliffhanger leads fans to KSR's full virtual presentation planned for February 16, 2021. While the production, writing, and acting are far from Oscar-worthy, the narrative approach is a nice breather for those experiencing teaser fatigue. Yes, KSR is pushing us to “follow the M”, but at least they’re not following everyone else.

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