As motorcyclists the world over dive deeper into their pandemic-fueled motorcycling daydreams, Austrian company KSR unveiled its “Follow the M” teaser video series to a hungry public. On February 4, 2020, we first started following the M down some type of strange, motorcycle-related rabbit hole. Smart money predicted from the beginning that the big reveal will be a new Malaguti of some kind, but what kind? 

Episode Two, which premiered on February 9, saw our hero Max Deeps get more deeply involved in his hallucinatory state. By the end, he found himself making out with a lamppost instead of either his intended date or a mysterious motorcycle. It’s quite a ride that KSR is sending this poor guy on, and so far, it hasn’t even involved two wheels yet! 

Luckily, our bewildered hero didn’t have long to wait before the next chapter. Episode Three premiered on February 12, just three days after the previous one. Here, KSR broke the fourth wall a bit to show us good old Max hallucinating a camera crew recording his every move in his apartment. Later on, he also found a mysterious website showcasing all the previous teasers that you and I have already witnessed. What could it all mean? 

There’s the briefest of glimpses at what seems to be a distinctly adventure bike-ish beak toward the middle of Episode Three. If you blink at the wrong time, you’ll miss it. KSR was particularly parsimonious with screen time here, but at the end, it promised that all will be revealed in just a few days’ time.  

February 16 is when the fourth and final episode of this “Follow the M” series will go live, and both Max and the rest of us will hopefully have all the answers we’ve been looking for. Will the owner of that mysterious female voice that Max keeps hearing show up riding a brand new Malaguti adventure bike? We’ll all have to tune in on that fateful Tuesday to find out.  

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