There's an extremely colorful subculture when it comes to scooters, especially in Europe and Asia. Out of all the makes and models of scooters out there, very few, if any at all, can compare to the rich heritage and character of Vespa. It doesn't matter what kind of Vespa you ride, as long as it's a Vespa, you can look at your fellow Vespisti as brothers and sisters. 

Perhaps the reason for the camaraderie within aficionados of the brand running so deep is the fact that Vespa itself never ceases to innovate, even in the littlest of ways. I don't think I've ever seen so many color options and special editions to a specific scooter as Vespa has. The result of this is pretty much a Vespa that fits an extremely vast array of tastes and preferences. It isin celebrating whatever can be celebrated that Vespa continues expanding its customer base all across the world. In line with this, the Italian company has yet again found another thing to celebrate, and boy is it worth a celebration. 

Vespa Launches Primavera And GTS 75th Anniversary Edition

Ever since filing a patent in April of 1946 to all the beautiful and quirky Vespas that have hit the road since, 2021 marks 75 years of the iconic Italian wasp buzzing along the streets of the world. To celebrate this milestone, the company has unveiled a special 75th Anniversary Edition of two of its most popular scooters: the Primavera and GTS. Donning a unique color scheme dubbed 'Giallo 75th', the special edition scooters are a throwback to the colorways of 1940s Vespas. On the side of the scooter, subtle 75 numbering has been added in a slightly stronger shade, keeping things subtle. 

Making things even more special is a custom saddle which features tasteful smoked gray leather upholstery, and a round leather bag fitted onto the rear luggage rack. Apart from being a functional piece, the bag also serves as a nod to the spare tire found on the back of post-war Vespas of the late 40s and early 50s. 

To elevate the buyer's experience even further, Vespa is throwing in an owner's welcoming kit composed of a vintage steel Vespa plate, personal owner's booklet complete with eight VEspa collector postcards, and a fancy Italian jacquard-silk scarf—pretty fancy, if you ask me. 

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