MA-DE, an international award-winning design studio founded in 2015, has conceptualized the future of electric two-wheeled mobility with their Vespa Elettra concept. Drawing inspiration from the original Piaggio Vespa model dating back to 1946, as well as the modern day Vespa Elettrica, MA-DE Studio took the classic Vespa's styling, and added a few futuristic touches to make it appeal to the modern day. 

Andrea Della Vecchia and Woody Chui, the founders of MA-DE Studio, shared their sentiments towards the future of electric mobility with The PACKParticularly, Andrea Della Vecchia, a believer in the movement towards electric mobility, expressed that it is only a matter of time until the world accepts electric vehicles as a mainstream form of transportation. Furthermore, the proliferation of small scooters and mopeds in congested European cities like Milan, provide the perfect avenue for the integration of electric scooters. 

MA-DE Studie Vespa Elettra Concept
MA-DE Studie Vespa Elettra Concept

Specifically, the introduction of electric scooters in highly urbanized areas reduces noise pollution and improves the air quality by way of eliminating emissions all together. Unfortunately however, MA-DE's Vespa Elettra Concept is just that—a design exercise meant to bring the iconic style of classic Vespas to the modern day, both in terms of form and function. However, that's not to say that MA-DE's design will forever remain a concept.

Recent years have ushered in countless startups across multiple regions focusing solely on electric mobility. Some of which share the same artistic view as MA-DE with classic-styled machines. Others, on the other hand, prefer sharp and angular designs bordering on science fiction. That being said, designs and renderings from the likes of MA-DE studio stand the chance to serve as inspirations for the countless manufacturers seeking to usher in the age of electric motorcycles.

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