Indonesian design firm Katalis is obsessed with space—how we think about it, how we move through it, and how it surrounds us. The company grabbed our attention in April, 2020, when it first unveiled its EV500 electric scooter. Now, in January, 2021, it’s back with a new design. This time, it’s a collaboration with another local designer. 

Katalis teamed up with fellow Jakarta-based designer Kamengski to create Spacebar. This foldable electric design concept is meant to be agile. “Spacebar is able to maneuver through the busy streets of the capital city, to support its rider’s daily commute. Yes, it is small, but fierce, like a piece of chili,” said Katalis principal designer Julian Palapa in a statement.  

That rectangular design simply can’t be missed—and it’s also why the scoot is called Spacebar. If you’re reading this on a computer, look down at your keyboard and you’ll see one major design influence just under your thumbs.  

Gallery: Katalis Spacebar Electric Scooter

You see, the team wants this design concept to encourage potential riders to think about opening up space around them. While it intends to work with Kamengski again in the future, Katalis also plans on future collaborations with additional designers. 

“With the release of Spacebar, we hope we can inspire more Indonesian youngsters to develop mobility solutions for the future. Spacebar is our way of making way,” Joseph Sinaga, head of media strategy, said in a statement.  

Since it’s a concept, not many details are available about the actual build. The motor is a 1200W unit, and the body is made of aluminum, but clearly the utility and inspirational qualities of this design are what Katalis hopes to get across, most of all. 

Jakarta is a city with a lot to offer, but it’s well known around the world for its extremely serious traffic congestion. The more people make space for one another with small electric scooters, the greater a change could be.


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