Proving that adventure styling isn’t just for big bikes, Yamaha just introduced the rugged-looking new BW’S scooter in Taiwan. With its distinctive dual round headlights and overall tough looks, it seems ready to take on your everyday riding needs with ease. Let’s take a look. 

Although Yamaha is once again using “BW” in a vehicle name, this isn’t an updated version of the BW200. In fact, the BW’S has tiny 12-inch scooter wheels—which are smaller than those found on its nearest global competitor, the 2021 Honda ADV 150. That rival scoot packs a 14-inch front and a 13-inch rear wheel onto its frame.  

Despite that fact, it’s still BW’S for a reason—and that reason is apparently its “Wild Survivor” design theme, according to Yamaha Taiwan’s marketing materials. It’s powered by a 125cc, liquid-cooled single, and comes with disc brakes all around. There’s a USB charging port up front, and the scoot’s official weight is listed as 127 kilograms, or about 280 pounds—though Yamaha isn’t clear on whether this is curb or dry weight.  

It’s clear that while this might be a more ruggedly styled scooter, it’s not actually meant for hardcore off-road duties. I mean, plenty of people like off-road styling on their four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles, but never actually venture off the asphalt. Why shouldn’t scooterists have the option, as well?  

If you’re in Canada, there’s a completely different 2021 Yamaha BWS 125 available for sale that shares nothing in common with its Taiwanese cousin. The Canadian one does get some nice handguards that owners of the Taiwanese one might not mind having, though.  

At any rate, at the time of writing, Yamaha doesn’t yet have an MSRP listed for the 2021 BW’S in Taiwan. While we wouldn’t be surprised to see it launch in other markets, particularly across Asia, there’s no information about such plans at this time. 

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