Electric motorcycles could soon become the norm in some Asian markets.

Malaysia-based tech company, Green Packet, seeks to revolutionize modern day personal mobility in South East Asia. KipleX, the company’s newest venture studio, has begun a partnership with Singapore-based electric motorcycle specialists, ION Mobility, who are responsible for developing smart electric scooters.

Green Packet stated that this entire initiative is geared towards bringing the majority of South East Asia into the modern day, as well as future-proofing personal mobility within the region. In order to do this, two wheelers must present themselves as more than just means of transportation, but rather as IOT devices capable of keeping their riders connected no matter where they go. On top of this, sustainable mobility is of utmost importance in order to ensure the feasibility of the initiative in the long run.

KipleX Seeks To Usher In Smart Electric Motorcycles In Southeast Asia

With an initial investment of $3.3 million USD, KipleX seeks to launch more electric motorcycles in the region while expanding its presence and bumping up its research and development. To add to this, the company seeks to ramp up with manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

With this, the new initiative spearheaded by Green Packet seeks to capitalize on the rapidly growing motorcycle industry in South East Asia. Expected to exceed the $8 billion USD mark, the motorcycle industry in the region is expected to continue to grow amid increasing demand for personal mobility.

KipleX Seeks To Usher In Smart Electric Motorcycles In Southeast Asia

With ION Mobility’s industry expertise, Green Packet through KipleX seeks to innovate the market by incorporating the latter’s digital solutions with ION Mobility’s already smart technologies. In full support of the newly established partnership, ION Mobility co-founder James Chan stated that they are committed to developing products that would offer motorcycle riders across the region far superior alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles.

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