At the beginning of January, 2021, we saw Honda roll out its new PCX 160 scooter in Thailand. That update to one of Honda’s most popular scooters worldwide was introduced alongside the hybrid PCX e:HEV. The 125cc version of the PCX is also popular across a variety of Asian markets. 

Now it’s February, and American Honda officially introduced the all-new PCX as a 2021 model. Known as the PCX 160 elsewhere, it’s also the only PCX model the company is offering in this market in 2021. If you’re American Honda, why complicate things with extra numbers and letters if you don’t need them? 

It’s powered by a 156.9cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, which sits inside a redesigned chassis that Honda says offers improved cornering and reduced weight. The weight loss appears to be pretty negligible, as curb weight for the 2020 model was 289 pounds, while the 2021 is 288 pounds.  

2021 Honda PCX - Seat Open with Helmet Stored Inside
2021 Honda PCX - Cockpit Closeup

Some additional important features on the 2021 PCX are LED lighting all around, an increased 30-liter under-seat storage area, and the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control. The 2021 PCX comes in Pearl White, and should be available in Honda dealerships in March, 2021. MSRP for the base PCX is $3,799, while the ABS model bumps the price up to $3,999.  

Gallery: 2021 Honda PCX and CBR300R and 2022 Metropolitan and Ruckus

While the PCX might be the only American Honda offering using those three letters in its name for 2021, it won’t roll alone. Indeed, it brought some fellow small-displacement friends for its launch announcement. Honda also took this opportunity to launch the 2021 CBR300R, which will hit dealerships in April in your choice of Grand Prix Red or Matte Gray Metallic. It remains unchanged other than the paint, and MSRP for the base model is $4,799 or $4,999 for the ABS version. 

Finally, Honda also saw fit to introduce its first 2022 models at the same time: the returning Metropolitan and Ruckus scooters, which also remain unchanged except for paint in 2022. The classically-styled Metropolitan will come in your choice of Pearl Soft Beige or Coastal Blue, at an MSRP of $2,499. Meanwhile, the characterfully-styled Ruckus will come in your choice of White/Pearl Blue, Gray, or Midnight Blue/Tan. MSRP for any of those colors is $2,799. Both the 2022 Metropolitan and Ruckus will roll into your local Honda dealership in April. 


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