Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has launched the 2021 Grazia Sports Edition. Priced at an attractive Rs. 82,564, or $1,128 USD thereabouts, the Grazia 125 Sports Edition is sure to be a favorite among commuters and riders looking for the best bang for buck on two wheels. Priced at an even more affordable rate is the standard Grazia 125 which goes for just Rs. 82,140, or the equivalent of $1,122 USD. Imagine if we had bikes that cheap in the U.S.

2021 Honda Grazia

As far as technical specifications are concerned, both the Standard and Sport Edition Grazia 125 feature the same kit. The new scooter is equipped with a full-LED headlight equipped with daytime running lights. It gets an integrated engine kill switch for added safety, an idle-stop system to maximize efficiency, a side-stand indicator, and an external fuel filler cap for easy refuelling without having to pop the seat open. On top of these creature comforts, the new Grazia 125 is equipped with a full digital LCD instrument panel that boasts an abundance of information. It gets a tachometer, fuel range meter, and even real-time average mileage.

As far as engine performance is concerned, the Honda Grazia 125 features a 124cc single cylinder engine mated to a standard CVT transmission found on most scooters. The peppy single churns out a decent 8 horsepower—enough to zip in and out of traffic in heavily populated urban environments. Putting the little scoot to a stop is a duo of 190mm front disc and 130mm rear drum brakes, while a standard telescopic fork and three-way adjustable rear mono-shock take care of suspension duties. Overall, the Grazia continues to present itself with impeccable value for money given the new updates to the scooter. 

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