Yadea was established in 2001 and stands as one of the top manufacturers of electric scooters in Asia. Producing six million e-scooters annually, the brand ships to 77 countries worldwide and serves over 36 million users. With that kind of resume, one would assume that the Chinese company is a household name. It is, at least in China. In the west, though? Not so much. That's why Yadea has begun to ship its scooters to .

After Yadea unveiled the C1S concept at EICMA 2019, the brand has had its eye on widening distribution with the new G5, C-line, C-Umi, and C1S. The resulting lineup will share the same energy management technology and prices are relatively affordable. The C-Umi and C-line represent the entry point for the range. Both trims boast a 1.2 kW motor producing 21.5 lb-ft of torque and weigh in at 132 pounds.

The featherweights also feature a removable 48 V, 28 Ah Phylion battery that nets a 31-mile range and recharges in five hours. Max speed is 27 mph, and stopping is provided by disc brakes up front and drums at the rear. Styling is the only difference between the C-Umi and C-line, with the Umi opting for retro lines and the C-line taking a more modern approach. Both scooters retail for €1,799 ($2,179 USD).

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The G5 represents Yadea’s mid-tier option and features a snazzy 7-inch TFT screen as a result. The electronics upgrade also allows users to locate the scooter, lock it remotely, and check current statistics and range. The 60 V 26 Ah Panasonic battery pushes the range up to 35 miles and the 2.3 kW motor manages 32.5 lb-ft of torque. Weighing in at 165 pounds, the e-scooter benefits from disc brakes at both ends and the MSRP is €2,699 ($3,269 USD).

The C1S doesn’t improve on power figures with a 2.2 kW motor pumping out 31.9 lb-ft of torque but the top-tier scooter makes up for it in other areas. The 25-liter trunk and combine braking separate the C1S from the rest of the pack, but it shares the G5’s 7-inch full-color display. The 60 V 32 Ah Panasonic battery is the real difference though, yielding a 47-mile range and centrally located under the scooter’s floor. The Kiska Studio-designed scoot retails for €2,999 ($3,632 USD).

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