With the steady integration of electric vehicles into the mainstream world of transportation, fast-charging infrastructure is a vital element in maximizing the potential of electric vehicles. Unlike gasoline powered machines which can be refueled in seconds, EVs take quite a bit more time to juice up their batteries. On top of this, most lightweight electric scooters have a battery range less than 100 miles, requiring a higher charging frequency. 

While several countries have already begun the development of fast-charging infrastructure, we still have a long way to go before easy and convenient fast-charging facilities become ubiquitous. Ather Energy, the Indian EV manufacturer responsible for what is considered by many as India's first premium electric scooter, the 450X, has put in quite an investment for the development of fast-charging infrastructure in India. In fact, the company has recently set up ten new fast-charging stations in Mumbai. The company has strategically placed these charging stations in highly accessible areas such as Linking Road, Goregaon, Andheri and Fort. 

Ather 450X: India’s Premium Electric Scooter

Mumbai is the latest city to receive fast-charging infrastructure from Ather. The Indian EV specialist has set up a total of 128 public fast-charging stations across 18 cities in India. To make things even better, Ather Energy's fast-charging stations are not exclusive to Ather electric scooters. The company is currently offering its charging stations free-of-charge to all EVs until September of this year. It's interesting to see a company like Ather developing charging infrastructure with cross-compatibility, as it makes the adoption of electric transport a lot easier and more convenient. 

Within the year, Ather Energy hopes to develop and install fast-charging infrastructure in 40 cities. At present, the company's operations are limited to India, however, we could soon see Ather exporting its high-tech electric scooter, the 450X, to other markets in Asia. Ather also wants to make its presence felt in Europe and Latin America in the near future.

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