Honda has just announced that it will be spicing up its motorcycle offerings in the U.S. market by launching updated versions of three of its popular bikes. An updated Honda NC750X, CB1000R, and ADV 150 are all inbound soon. Here's what we can expect from these new bikes.

Leading the charge is an updated 2021 Honda CB1000R. Known the world over for its neo-retro styling, the new bike looks even more aggressive thanks to its blacked-out color scheme. Designed not as a sportbike for the road, but rather, the perfect blend of form and function, the revised CB1000R boasts a tighter and sleeker design, as well as slight tweaks to the engine which favor smoother and more linear power delivery. It now comes outfitted with a 5-inch full-color TFT display, as well as a "Black Edition" suffix, to complement the blacked out theme. 

2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition, Hero, 3/4 Back
2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition
2021 Honda NC750X Red Right Side Angle
2021 Honda NC750X

Moving on, one of Honda's favorite longhaul tourers, the NC750X, gets fitted with updates which further improve this bike's versatility. Featuring a slight bump in power, a revised gearbox, and three riding modes, the 2021 NC750X is now at an all new level of refinement. It now comes equipped with throttle-by-wire, which governs a refined Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) traction control system. Creature comforts include a larger front storage compartment, 30mm lower seat height, a slightly taller windscreen, and a full suite of LED lights. The bike continues to be made available in both manual and DCT variants. al-transmission and DCT versions.

2022 Honda ADV 150
2022 Honda ADV 150

Lastly, Honda has gone ahead and updated their newest scooter in the U.S. market, the ADV 150. This go-anywhere scooter was designed to prove that scooters can be fun too, and provide more utility than mere point A-to-B machines. For the 2022 model-year, the ADV 150 comes equipped with similar tech specs as its outgoing model. That means we continue to see a friendly 150cc liquid-cooled engine mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), ample under-seat storage, and rugged styling geared towards fun and versatility. A new color option in the form of Candy Rose Red has also been added for the 2022 model-year. 

All in all, Honda seems to have its street bike range dialed in for this year. If you're in the market for a new Honda to add to your stable, take note of the prices of the updated models. The CB1000R Black Edition fetches $12,999 USD, and is available in a Graphite Black colorway. The NC750X with its long-distance touring ability will set you back a tidy $8,199 USD, while the lovable go-anywhere scooter, the ADV 150 is priced at an accessible $4,299 USD. 

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