In mid-November, 2020, Kymco released a teaser that hinted at the introduction of a little something adventurous to its lineup. At the time, we asked the question “Is Kymco about to launch an adventure scooter?” On November 26, Kymco answered the question with a resounding yes. The Taiwanese manufacturer introduced a slew of new and updated scooters, including its very first adventure scooter, dubbed DT X360.   

The presentation video published by Kymco France that features a guy living his best life, from the office to the beach, says it all. The new DTX commutes as easily as it tours and the fun doesn’t have to end where the road does—some mild off-roading is never out of the question.   

2021 Kymco DT X360

“Easily maneuver in urban traffic, comfortably cruise on the freeway, or explore the uncharted,” is how the manufacturer describes its first adventure crossover scooter (provided the uncharted isn’t too rugged.) 

Though the new DT X360 adventure maxi scooter doesn't quite have the athletic stance of a Honda X-ADV, its aluminum alloy 14 and 13-inch wheels are shod in dual-purpose tires nonetheless just in case its riders encounter new unpaved paths. The scooter is armed with a 3.3-gallon fuel tank and weighs in at an easy-to-manage 428 pounds.   

2021 Kymco DT X360

 is no stranger to the straddle scooter silhouette and the new DT X is yet another example of it, however, despite the model’s adventurous aspirations, the seat is set at a convenient 31.5 inches which makes it accessible to a wider audience.   

On the inside, the DT X runs on a liquid-cooled 321cc single-cylinder mill rated at 28.2 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque. The scooter also features traction control, LED lighting at both ends, a massive storage compartment under the seat that can accommodate at least two helmets, an equally gigantic LED color dashboard, two USB ports, and keyless ignition.   

Kymco has yet to confirm the new DT X360 adventure scooter’s pricing and availability.   

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