It’s just two weeks into a brand-new calendar year, and NIU is back at it with a new NIU for you to peruse. In 2020, NIU hit the ground running with its NQi and UQi models, but for 2021, it’s bringing the MQiGT out to play as its first order of business. 

In terms of global electric scooter adoption, NIU is working hard to lead the charge. Whether it’s blanketing as many markets as possible with its new models, or constantly improving upon things people like, one thing NIU doesn’t do is stand still. With that in mind, if you want a commuter-focused electric scoot that can deftly carry a rider, a passenger, and additional cargo, the MQiGT may just be the scoot for you. 

It’s powered by a Bosch 3100W motor, and is capable of a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour (or about 43.5 mph). NIU uses its dual battery setup here as well. If you use a single battery, the company says it should charge in four hours’ time—but adding that second battery only bumps the charge time by mere half hour, to 4.5 hours total.  

NIU MQiGT Electric Scooter - Left Side White
NIU MQiGT Electric Scooter - Batteries

The MQiGT rides on 14-inch wheels, and stops with disc brakes all around. A single 220mm disc is located up front, while a 180mm stops you in back. You also get a USB port onboard so you can charge your phone or other device while you ride, though that’s pretty standard on a lot of bikes and scooters gracing showrooms in 2021. LED lights are standard, as well. There’s also smartphone app connectivity that includes an alarm function to let you know if your scoot is making any unauthorized movements. 

Gallery: NIU MQiGT

With the MQiGT, NIU wanted to make its most passenger-friendly scoot yet. To that end, the seat is 782mm long, or nearly 31 inches. That gives more real estate for both rider and passenger, and there’s an optional passenger backrest available, as well. There’s also an optional top box, so you have plenty of storage space if you need it. The scoot itself weighs 115 kilograms, including the batteries—or just over 253 pounds. Load capacity, according to NIU, is 269 kilograms. That’s 593 pounds of carrying capacity, friends. Pretty impressive for such a diminutive electric scoot, if you ask us.  

Currently, NIU only lists a price in Euros on its global website, and that magic MSRP is €3,399, or about $4,132. That seems pretty reasonable, if what we’re seeing on paper is pretty close to accurate. Pricing and availability anywhere else have yet to be announced, but given NIU’s previous releases, there’s no reason to expect that the MQiGT won’t show its face elsewhere. 

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