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Earl Davidson

Earl Davidson,

Weekend News Writer

Earl Davidson is a weekend news writer at RideApart but he didn’t start life on two wheels. In fact, his journey in the world of motoring has been like a classic old riddle. He started life with no wheels, went to four, then to two, and can sometimes be rolling on just one. In other words, he got into cars, then into motorcycles, and then he got really into motorcycles. His passions landed him a career in the industry writing about the things that he loves ranging from motorized four- and two-wheelers and everything in between. Now he’s somewhere in the middle of cars and motorcycles, preferring the latter to review, though he still maintains that one of his dream daily drivers is a Honda Civic Type R (FK8).  

On top of being a wannabe video director, an amateur mechanic, and a writer for RideApart, he’s also an editor for,, and Earl is very interested in motorcycle gear, often enabling his friends to buy stuff that they probably don’t need but will definitely enjoy. His stable includes a tenth-generation Honda Civic, Honda CB650R, a KTM 790 Duke, and room for more motorcycles.  

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