There are some cool dads out there, then there’s this dude. The backstory of this short video involves a loving father, his son, and a shared love for Star Wars, and Comic-Con. 

Prior to this video, the cool dad had Jedi outfits made for both him and his son in preparation for Comic-Con. The homemade outfits are one thing, but the Star Wars Speeder is another. 

While there are no neat party tricks with this one, and while there is no ingenious system in play here like the other 'speeder' we covered that actually works like one, albeit with wheels and not a hovering propulsion system, you have to give credit where credit is due. 

Crafted from some cardboard, and duct tape, and painted to match the speeder’s look in the movie, you have to admit that there is a bit of ingeniousness going on here. The total cost of this project sans the e-bike itself was just $40 USD. The top half of the ‘speeder’ looks rather true to the movie and in a movie that I can only describe as clever. 

With a little help from some foil, the reflection gives the illusion of it actually hovering. While it won’t do a quick pivot turn on a dime, and while it will behave just like a standard bicycle, you have to admit that it is pretty cool. 

"After sewing homemade Jedi outfits for my son and me for Comic-Con, I decided to try and turn his ebike into a Star Wars speeder bike as well! I was able to craft it with cardboard, duct tape, and paint, plus a few other details, for less than $40. It came out even better than I imagined, and all the neighborhood kids thought it was super cool," said the dad in the video description as shared by Viral Hog on YouTube. 

I have to say, hiding the wheels was a pretty clever move on the dad’s part, and if you think that your speakers or headphones are busted, trust me, it’s they’re fine. The video doesn’t feature audio. It would have been nice to get the son’s reaction to his new toy, but I guess you could probably tell that he’s quite happy with his dad’s little forty-buck project. 

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