Few works of science fiction have managed to capture the hearts and minds of people all over the world as much as Star Wars has. For generations, this spectacular intergalactic tale has awed and inspired fans. Centering on the battle between the light and the dark, Yamaha gives you the opportunity to choose which side you're on, or, you know, if you have the dough for it, represent both the light side and the dark side with the Yamaha NMAX.

Check Out These Star Wars Liveries For The Yamaha NMAX In Brazil

Available in limited edition liveries, the Yamaha NMAX has been made available in sleek Star Wars-inspired liveries that's sure to capture the attention of the die-hard Star Wars aficionado who just so happens to be a motorcyclist. Available in two options, you can either be a member of the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. The Rebel Alliance livery has been designed after Luke Skywalker's iconic X-Wing Starfighter. Shod in a white color scheme with red and silver accents, the Rebel Alliance insignia is displayed prominently on the scooter's fairing. 

As we move over to the Dark Side, the Galactic Empire makes an appearance in Yamaha's NMAX lineup. Employing a sleeker, black and dark gray colorway, the iconic TIE-Fighter, Darth Vader's vehicle of choice known for its banshee howl and unmistakable appearance, served as the design inspiration for the livery of the Yamaha NMAX. Just like the Rebel Alliance version, the Galactic Empire insignia features prominently on the scooter's fairings.  As a nice little easter egg for diehard Star Wars aficionados, the livery on both versions feature the inscription "Special Edition" in Aurebesh, one of the most popular written languages in the Star Wars universe. 

Check Out These Star Wars Liveries For The Yamaha NMAX In Brazil

Apart from the flashy liveries, however, the Yamaha NMAX remains completely unchanged. That said, don't expect TIE-Fighter or X-Wing levels of performance from this commuter scooter. It does, after all, come with a 155cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. With 14 horsepower, the NMAX isn't exactly a neck-breaking performer, but it sure is a stylish and practical commuter. 

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