Not only is Honda packing gasoline-powered heat at EICMA this year, Big H has packed a few leafy greens in its bag of tricks, so to speak. The Japanese brand has debuted a ton of new models for us to look forward to in the coming year, but this one is something we can look forward to in the coming future. 

The booth’s on fire this year at EICMA. Honda has come around to present some pretty splendid updates to its lineup which includes the CB1000 Hornet, the CB650R, the CBR650R, the CBR500R the Africa Twin’s 2024 version, an updated Fireblade and Fireblade SP, plus a new NX500 (previously known as the CB500X). 

Lots of stuff populating the booth this year with Honda, but there’s one more showcase that we’re quite interested in as well, and that is the Honda SC e: Concept. 

The second scooter that is destined for the European market, the EM1 e: was first and is now available, and now the SC e: Concept will be another one that we can writhe in anticipation for. It kind of looks like Honda’s other scooters like the PCX 160 but dressed in ultra-modern clothes and is predictably devoid of the stuff that makes it go vroom. Either way, the electric scooter looks really sleek, perhaps something out of Tron? 

The SC e: Concept has a pretty weird name. I wonder what kind of fascination Honda has with colons and their placement. However, it’s a part of the nomenclature of the brand which also includes its cars. 

Anyway, the new SC e: Concept differs in a few ways from the Honda EM1 e:, in which it features a horizontal headlight and a different passenger footwell. Otherwise, the bike looks rather similar to the EM1 e: but with a more modern and sportier twist if I do say so myself. 

Honda’s Mobile Power Pack e: batteries are to be used in this concept, and the technology from the Japanese company promises greater driving range, though no ballpark figure was thrown out. By “greater,” it might mean better than the EM1 e: perhaps? With a range of only 41 kilometers on a single charge, that might not be that high of a bar to clear for Honda, but given how you can have two power packs with one charging at home and the other discharging on the bike, it seems like a sound solution. 

Oh, and if you didn’t know, “SC” stands for SCooter. Looks pretty obvious, but the less obvious detail of this concept (if you didn’t already know) is that it is a part of Honda’s plan to realize carbon neutrality by 2040. Team Red plans to unveil the final version of this concept by 2025, and Honda is also developing to be used by motorcyclists with the A1 license restriction in Europe. 

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