Vespa World Days 2024 is on, and the schedule is out. From April 18 to 21 2024, next year will mark a significant milestone for not only the Vespa brand but also the Piaggio Group as a whole.

To be hosted at the birthplace of the long-standing scooter brand, Pontedera will see a bumper crop of Vespas coming in to join the celebration next year. It’s been a hundred years since the opening of the Pontedera factory, the birthplace of the scooter that started it all. In addition to being the 100th anniversary of the brand’s first factory, next year will also mark the 140th anniversary of the Piaggio Group, founded in 1884. 

The Vespa World Days event will also celebrate its 70th year of existence next year. Seven decades worth of bringing those passionate about their scooters together will happen and continue to happen, and the events just keep getting grander and grander. The usual events will be in place next year, however with a grander undertone thanks to the milestones that the Piaggio Group, the Vespa brand, and the event itself will all hit in 2024. 

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The first Vespas were made at Pontedera, and for Vespa World Days, event-goers are encouraged to take the trip and go back to where it all started. A special ride will be in the works for Vespa World Days, just like in previous years. The Vespa Trophy will be dedicated to those who reach Pontedera on their beloved scooters. Checkpoints will be in place to award passage stamps to riders who make the trip. 

Also, the Elegance Competition will make a return. Participants are expected to dress their best and in their most matching outfits. Both the rider and the scooter will be judged down to the most thoughtful and thorough detail. The winners are expected to be the most stylish and the most dapper. 

Following that, riding tours will also be held during Vespa World Days 2024, which will see event-goers departing from the village, and then to museums, natural landmarks, and gastronomic experiences that are accessible and palatable to Vespa owners. 

A great parade will be organized as well, seeing Vespa enthusiasts saddling up in Pontedera on the Morning of April 20, 2024, to cruise through the city. 

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