Casey Stoner has been a long-time friend of the Nolan Group, and as one of the helmet house’s representatives, the Australian champion now finds himself in a bit of a promotion of sorts. The brand and the racer will come closer together to collaborate in the future. 

At EICMA this year, there was no shortage of new bikes and new helmets as well. Shark unveiled something, HJC had a bumper crop in the number of new models and graphics it had to display, and no to mention the Nolan Group’s announcement. 

Stoner has been a part of the Nolan Group’s pool of ambassadors and has been considered a proper representative of the group’s products and commitment to quality. Basically, he’s so ingrained and integrated with the company already that it was a bit of a no-brainer to see him get yet another contract after considering his return to racing. However, could this partnership be an indicator that Stoner will return to the grid? 

A variety of historic and iconic liveries continue to sell in the Nolan catalog today, one of which includes Stoner’s graphic from the 2011 GP, where Stoner saddled up on a Honda RC212-V to his second world title. 

X-803 RS Ultra Carbon Casey Stoner 10th Anniversary helmet

With over 20 years of experience in the Italian conglomerate’s helmets, he was able to bag two world championship titles in the premier class and is one of the more recognizable racers in the industry. With such a bond between the two, a new chapter for Stoner will open up, which will see him race once again, and also work on the development of new helmets. 

Upon Stoner’s return to the grid, he will be rocking the latest and greatest that comes from the labs and production facilities in Bergamo, Italy. As such, it will be interesting to see what the Italian helmet maker has up its sleeve. If it will field a new racing model for Stoner to use on the grid, what would it be? Nolan and X-Lite have been quite quiet compared to other manufacturers in the market, and it will be interesting what new developments we’ll get with the brand investing in its racing relationship with Stoner once again.

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