Electric dirtbikes are taking the off-road world by storm, so it only makes sense that the next best thing to dirtbikes be given the EV treatment: supermotos. Indeed, supermotos are tons of fun, as these long-legged machines are essentially dirtbikes with sportbike tires strapped on to them, as such, they make for quite a riot to ride.

Naturally, the torquey and responsive nature of electric motors seems to be the perfect combo with a lightweight supermoto platform, and Italian manufacturer Fantic seems eager to capitalize on this. Fantic’s always been about off-road; even its street-legal models such as the Caballero range have off-road capability ingrained in them. It also has a performance-oriented range of motards, with the XM50 serving as a Euro 5-compliant two-stroke machine. As such, the Motard-EV is clearly a step towards the future, despite it just being a concept, for now.

And what an exciting concept it is. Lightweight electric motorcycles with a focus on fun and enjoyment are always welcome, and the Motard-EV concept is precisely that. The Motard-EV was just one of many electric concept machines presented at last year’s EICMA, and it’s clear to see that there’s a strong enthusiast market when it comes to EV two-wheelers.

Would You Ride An Electric Supermoto Like The Fantic Motard-EV?

Fantic says that the Motard-EV tips the scales at no more than 95 kilograms (about 209 pounds), so it’s about as light as a 50cc two-stroke dirtbike. Speaking of which, the Motard-EV is supposedly categorized as a moped, so expect a modest power output to cater to beginner riders. This also means the bike can be driven with a car license in some parts of Europe.

As of this writing, it’s important to note that the Fantic Motard-EV is simply just a prototype. One would imagine that a bike like this would still need to undergo lots of testing so as to maintain its lightweight construction and respectable performance. Nevertheless, Fantic is no stranger to the world of electric mobility, as we’ve talked about a number of its electric offerings in the past. Bikes like the Issimo quickly transformed from concept to reality, so there’s a good chance that the Motard-EV could soon be up for a public launch.

As is the case with most electric innovations, expect the Motard-EV to command quite a premium should it ever see the light of day. For reference, the Fantic Issimo 45, the brand’s pedal-assist electric moped with a unique truss-bridge-style frame, carries an MSRP of 3,590 euros, or the equivalent of about $3,700 USD.

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