Electric motorcycles clearly represent the future of our two-wheeled passion. While there are lots of utility-focused e-motos and scooters on the market, I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets extra excited when manufacturers launch electric motorcycles designed for enthusiasts. We've seen quite a lot of these from manufacturers all over the world, and now Chinese brand Niu is set to release its RQi electric motorcycle in Europe. 

Niu Finally Releases The RQi Electric Motorcycle In Europe

The Niu RQi is by no means a new concept. In fact, it's been around for nearly four years now. First unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the RQi seemed promising, with its impressive 40-horsepower output and 100-mile-per-hour top speed. Unfortunately, a slew of delays caused Niu to be unable to release the bike, and eventually, the RQi was revised to be more beginner-friendly. In 2022, the RQi was showcased with a lower power output, similar to that of a 125cc motorcycle – a move clearly meant to cater to Europe's beginner riders with A1 licenses. 

Niu Finally Releases The RQi Electric Motorcycle In Europe

With that being said, it seems that Niu is now finally ready to launch the RQi, at least in Europe. Like the revision made in 2022, the RQi, unfortunately, retains its beginner-friendly performance figures with a 7,500-watt electric motor outputting the equivalent of about 11 horsepower. The motor boasts tons of torque, with a claimed 450 Nm (330 pound-feet) sure to raise a few eyebrows. Niu says that the RQi has a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour (about 68 miles an hour), and can rocket from a stop to 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour) in a swift 2.9 seconds.

As for the battery, it's powered by not one, but two 72-volt, 36-ampere-hour units with a combined range of about 200 kilometers (125 miles) per charge. Complementing the impressive powertrain is a slew of premium components such as Pirelli tires, a Brembo radial caliper up front, and dual-channel ABS. Niu says that the RQi has lots of torque, and the inclusion of a traction control system keeps all this torque at bay. There's also full-LED lighting, keyless start, and nifty front and rear-mounted cameras for added safety. Lastly, like many electric motorbikes with a focus on tech, the RQi offers GPS tracking. 

As for pricing and availability, Niu says that the RQi will start making its way to European showrooms in the first quarter of 2024. It'll be sold in four colors consisting of Gray, Green, Red, and Blue, for a sticker price of 7,999 euros, or the equivalent of about $8,778 USD at the time of writing.

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