We’ve seen a lot of new and exciting electric motorcycles hit the scene in recent years, and while a lot of them focus on commuting and utility-focused applications, a good number of them focus on preserving the thrill and excitement of the two-wheeled lifestyle. A lot of these are off-road specific models, such as those from French company Electric Motion.

We’ve talked about Electric Motion a couple of times in the past, and the brand has made quite a lot of progress, particularly in the off-road motorsports scene. Particularly, it has competed in the FIM E-Xplorer, achieving notable podium finishes and even a championship title. Back in 2022, it was also the first electric manufacturer to compete in the Scottish Six Days Trial. This success accompanied the brand’s expansion, as it’s expected to open its new factory in Southern France in January of 2024.

Electric Motion Has A New Dirtbike That’s All About Off-Road Exploration

In line with this, Electric Motion has introduced its newest model, the Escape X, an electric enduro bike that’s all about exploring uncharted territory. According to the company, the new model is ideal for both beginner and intermediate riders, providing a lightweight, off-road focused platform with a durable and lightweight build. It’s offered in two versions – X and XR – and packs quite a punch.

In terms of performance, the Electric Motion Escape X is fitted with a mid-mounted electric motor with a nominal power output of six kilowatts, maxing out at 11 kilowatts, or about 15 horsepower. The Escape XR pushes this a bit further, with a max output of 12 kilowatts, or about 16 horsepower. Electric Motion also equips the enduro bike with a slew of performance-focused underpinnings such as 35-millimeter inverted front forks that provide the bike with an impressive 250 millimeters of travel. As for the battery, the Escape X gets a 50.4-volt unit with 3,500-watt-hour capacity promising a 1,000 charge cycle lifespan.

Electric Motion Has A New Dirtbike That’s All About Off-Road Exploration
Electric Motion Has A New Dirtbike That’s All About Off-Road Exploration

Given all the performance the Escape series of electric dirtbikes brings to the table, Electric Motion made sure to include tech and safety features to keep it accessible to riders of varying backgrounds. It’s equipped with a traction control system, as well as a progressive regenerative braking system to optimize control and range. It also gets an anti-reverse feature making it more capable of tackling technical inclines. Lastly, the rider can monitor all of the bike’s vital ride stats via a full-color TFT display.

As of this writing, pricing and availability information of the new Electric Motion Escape X has yet to be made public. However, you can learn more about the bike, as well as view the complete and detailed specs, on Electric Motion’s official website.

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