Velocifero is a small Italian company specializing in small-displacement scooters and commuters. It recently dabbled into the world of electric motorcycles, and we previously talked about some of their innovations, with the Race-X being one of the most exciting to be revealed in EICMA 2023. The brand also has a new electric scooter targeted towards the chic urban commuter.

It’s called the Tennis-E, and it takes the form of a retro-inspired scooter. Velocifero was founded by Italian designer Alessandro Tartarini, so it’s clear that the company takes no shortcuts when it comes to design. The Tennis-E is, after all, based on the Tennis 125 gasoline-powered scooter, but swaps out the internal combustion engine for an electric motor for a silent, zero-emissions ride.

New Velocifero Tennis-E Is A Compact And Charming Electric Scooter

From a styling perspective, the Tennis-E gets a minimalist exterior accentuated by flowing bodywork. It’s all about retro looks on this scooter, with a body-colored front apron and wheel covers. There are, however, modern touches incorporated into the design, such as a dual-optic headlight and full-LED DRLs.

Powering the compact and charming scooter is a permanent magnet motor housed in the rear wheel. It pumps out three kilowatts of nominal output, and peaks out at five kilowatts, or about 6.7 horsepower, putting it within the same performance ballpark as that of a 125cc gas-powered scooter. It is, however, differentiated in terms of its torque, with Velocifero claiming a whopping 175 Nm (129.5 pound-feet) of torque from this electric motor. The Tennis-E offers its rider three ride modes consisting of Eco, Comfort, and Sport, and has a top speed of 85 kilometers per hour (53 miles per hour).

New Velocifero Tennis-E Is A Compact And Charming Electric Scooter
New Velocifero Tennis-E Is A Compact And Charming Electric Scooter

As for its power source, the Velocifero Tennis-E gets two removable lithium-ion battery packs with a combined capacity of 2.99 kilowatt-hours. Each pack weighs in at 10 kilograms, so riders have the option to save weight and run just one battery on shorter trips. The batteries can be fully charged in about four hours, and combined, they provide 80 kilometers (50 miles) of range on a single charge.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Italian brand has yet to announce any info on the new Tennis-E, however, it’s expected to hit European dealers in time for spring, in March, 2024.

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