In January, 2021, Italian marque Fantic acquired Motori Minarelli from Yamaha. The acquisition didn’t just return the brand to Italian ownership, but it also laid the groundwork for Fantic to transition production to electric mobility models. More than three years later, all that hard work is paying off as Fantic and Motori Minarelli start production on the Issimo City electric scooter.

To mark the occasion, the firms hosted Emilia-Romagna Region Economic Development Councilor Vincenzo Colla, Bologna mayor Marco Panieri, and the Calderara di Reno mayor Giampiero Falzone to the company’s Calderara di Reno factory.

“The Emilia-Romagna Region immediately believed in Fantic's electrical project, which relaunched the historic Bolognese brand Motori Minarelli,” noted Colla. “Not surprisingly, thanks to a serious industrial plan that looks at sustainable innovation and creates new employment, the company is among the beneficiaries of regional law 14 on attractiveness. For this reason, today we are particularly pleased to be able to greet the official launch of the production of the new 100% electric scooter.”

The Bologna-based facility can manufacture up to 100 units per day, which caps Issimo City production at 20,000 units in just the first year. If you’re unfamiliar with the model, Fantic introduced the Issimo City at EICMA 2022. The e-scooter line includes the L1 and L3 variants, which tout a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour) and 65 km/h (40 mph), respectively. A Dell’Orto 3-kilowatt motor powers both models and the standard 2.2-kilowatt-hour battery yields 72 kilometers (44.8 miles) while the 4.4 kWh option expands the range to 140 km (87 miles).

“People's sensitivity towards more sustainable mobility will further accelerate the demand for light mobility,” claimed Motori Minarelli General Manager Vittorino Filippas. “Fantic Motor and Motori Minarelli do not want to be caught unprepared for the opportunity this challenge presents us with. Indeed, as early as 2023, 50% of vehicle production will be entirely electric.”

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