Take a Ducati Scrambler, add one shaky cell phone video shot by two factory employees, combine that with a Termignoni exhaust and what do you get? Aural pleasuring for you ears!

We all know the Ducati Scrambler has some great features wrapped in that retro theme. It's a 424 pound, 6 speed, 803cc pocket rocket with tons of style. Add some beautiful music from the exhaust exit and voila even better. There isn't a Ducati made that doesn't sound better fitted with a Termignoni exhaust. They are the perfect match as it were.

Check out the guys super stache at the beginning.

Tell us what you think of the new exhaust note? We say molto meglio!

We're heading to the media launch of the all-new Scrambler next week. What questions do you have about the bike you'd like us to find out first hand or investigate with the designers and builders of the Scrambler?


Listen to the Blissful Sound of the All-New Ducati Scrambler with Aftermarket Exhaust
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