Gorgeous: the day, the bike, the terrain. The latest version of Ducati’s Scrambler, the aptly named Full Throttle, and I are winding through the scenic Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal, Canada under a clear blue sky. 500 miles fresh and already this 800cc Scrambler has handled all the conditions—thunderstorms, violent winds, highways, Montreal roads*, Toronto drivers**—before being rewarded with some more welcome challenges: twisty mountain roads, chunky gravel, and slippery sand. How did it do? Read on.

The Full Throttle is a versatile machine and much hardier than its good looks might lead one to believe. The ergonomics are kind to both small and tall riders, the suspension handles both smooth pavement and bumpy terrain with ease, and the new seat is comfortable on the long haul. This rider appreciates that last part the most having spent close to 30 hours in the saddle over three days (which is a wee bit absurd and not recommended). Additionally, the console not only includes an odometer, the RPMs, gear indicator, fuel levels, and the time, but thanks to the handlebar switch controls, it’s easy to scroll through to find trip mileage.

2019 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle Delivers Full Fun
That's a Scrambler smile.

Safe And Sound

How your bike grips the road while in flight changes the riding experience immeasurably. The Scrambler's lower center of gravity makes for a stable feel which is further enhanced by the cornering ABS. Additionally, the square-tread tires are tough enough to deftly corner, tackle unpaved logging roads at high speeds, and flow through shifting sands. The smooth shifting transmission allows you to keep your mind on the road ahead.

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Easy On The Eyes

Like the entire Scrambler collection, the Full Throttle exudes a restless style. It doesn’t want to just sit in your driveway, it is ready to roll! For starters, the yellow and black livery, inspired by California Hooligan racer Frankie Garcia, includes matching blank number plates ready for your race number. A groovy pillion seat cowl adds to the racy effect.

2019 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle Delivers Full Fun
Holding its own against a logging road.

There’s This One Thing

Though little about this agile machine needs improvement for performance or comfort, after five hours on the highway with intermittent driving rain, a windscreen would have been most welcome.

Back To The Future

Ducati’s vintage-inspired Scrambler line-up has been catching eyes and bolstering the brand since 2014. From their lean, mean gateway 400cc Sixty2 to the recently released 1100cc collection, there's a Scrambler for every taste and budget. In the middle of this pretty pack is the 800cc series featuring the Icon, Café Racer, Desert Sled, and the one that capably carried this hardy rider through several weather systems: the Full Throttle. It looks good, it rides well and can carry both driver and pillion on long journeys over all sorts of land with power and conviction.

Ducati clearly listened to its fan-base and even perhaps their detractors to perfect the 2019 Full Throttle and now this writer wants to join the #joyvolution, even if that is a bit of a cheesy tagline.

Photos by Filip Bertrand

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