The Ducati Scrambler is quickly becoming the aftermarket’s Italian sweetheart. It is no surprise that a bike that comes from the factory with lots of OEM aftermarket options is catching the attention of some pretty fabulous third-party suppliers, and wholly inspiring others.

This kit for the Scrambler 800 from Unit Garage, located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea at the back of Italy’s knee, is called Fuoriluogo (a cheeky Italian name that translates to “out of place”). Unit Garage is five-time Paris-Dakar rider Fabio Marcaccini, and his partner and Industrial Designer Michiel Verstockt; they design and market all of the pieces on the site.

When it comes to customizing a Scrambler, or any bike, the easiest way to do it is with replacement parts. Not all of us are artistic customizers with English wheels and fiberglass pumps in our shops, with custom painters at our beck and call, so these kits and others like them are the next best thing. They’re a little pricey but can be had piecemeal to complete the look you want for your own motorcycle.

Gallery: Ducati Scrambler Fuoriluongo

This particular kit from Unit Garage contains a short style tank, a seat that goes with that short tank, and side covers for the bike. You have your choice of three colors for the tank, or an unpainted version. Just in case you actually do have a “paint guy,” you can make your own fabulous Scrambler tank. If you’re looking for more of an overhaul in the looks and performance department, you can also choose a few more pieces from the available Fuoriluongo assortment: a rear bag, a toolbox that tucks neatly into the body of the bike, a full high-pipe scrambler-style exhaust and silencer, rubber knee pads for your new tank, a rear frame cover and a luggage rack.

Scramblers are pretty fantastic and cool-looking little bikes straight from the factory, but every single customized machine makes me love them a little more. There are so many options out there for making your Scrambler your own. You have a huge range of custom bikes to take inspiration from, and also a great selection of aftermarket part options. Got a Scrambler? Show us your mods!

Source: Unit Garage, Silodrome 

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