Are you a custom motorcycle builder? Do you have a Ducati Scrambler? Are you skilled enough to come up with a custom Scrambler by the end of January 2020? Are you on social media and willing to take a bunch of pictures of your build? This contest might be for you.

For the third year in a row, the Ducati Scrambler “Custom Rumble” contest measures builders from any background: whether you’re a first-time customizer or a professional custom bike builder you can enter on equal footing.

There are five categories this year and the winner in each will receive the equivalent of ₠4,000 in Ducati products. You can build a bike to enter in the following categories:

“Rocker”: Remember the Mods vs. Rockers? This category is for the cafe racer or the cafe-racer inspired build on the Scrambler 800 or Sixty2. The classics! The bike must have: the same dimension of both front and rear wheel, a cafe racer seat, clipon handlebars, and road tires. Beyond that, is up to your imagination.

Ducati Illustration

“Cut Down”: The contest says to “strip all the unnecessary parts from the bike” and that it should be “badass.” So, a bobber, yeah? This category has the same constraints as the Rocker, except the seat must be a single and flat, and the bike must have a “low handlebar.”

“All Terrain”: The Scrambler as Enduro–keep the high pipes, toss some really knobbly tires on the bike and start the build from there. The Desert Sled can be so much cooler! This build is also for the 800 or Sixty2; the bike must have a 17” rear wheel and a 19” or 21” front, and knobby tires. Everything else is up to you.

“The Outsider”: This one is an open category for any Scrambler 800 or Sixty2.  There are no constraints on materials for this one; let your creative juices run wild.

“Bully”: Another open category, this time for the Scrambler 1100. There are no constraints on the types of materials you can use for this build either.

Each category has a downloadable rule book so you can get down and dirty (and specific) with your build. Heck, if you were thinking of customizing a Ducati Scrambler this year anyway, you might want to take pictures as you go and enter your build into this contest.

Source: Motociclismo, ScramblerDucati


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