Old BMWs sure have a lot of charm. It’s no wonder that so many custom shops choose 70s and 80s models as the base of their designs. The results are always head-turners—at least, we have yet to find one that doesn’t make us dream. This heavily upgraded R65 is no exception. Say hello to the R65 Invader by 72 Cycles Performance.

This gorgeous custom build is the work of Spanish shop 72 Cycles Performance. Instead of a current model, the team opted instead for an R65, a Beemer produced in the late 70s and early 80s, fitted with a 648cc, OHV flat twin. The 445-pound bike was the perfect base for the shop to build their design on. The order was straightforward: find a classic bike and build a custom capable of going off-road. And so they did.

The R65 was stripped of most of its components that were either upgraded to serve the future scrambler’s purpose, or discarded. The frame was touched up and the subframe swapped for a slimmer structure to accommodate a new, smaller saddle and a new pair of shocks. The frame itself was also altered to change the steering geometry, then fitted with the front fork grafted from a fourth-generation Gixxer. Braking is provided by the Suzuki’s Tokico calipers teamed with a set of BMW K100 discs. The R65’s origin “snowflake” wheels are wrapped in knobby tires.

The former dual exhaust set up has been replaced by a 2-1-2 layout with a striking pair of high-set mufflers underlining the new subframe—a look clearly inspired by the scrambler aesthetic. All these modifications allowed the bike to shed over 40 lb during the building process. Complete with a matte grey and yellow paint scheme, this vintage beauty is ready to hit the trails in style for a good dusting up session.

Source: Pipe Burn

Photography: Diego Bermúdez

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