Not to be outdone by Ducati’s “Custom Rumble” Scrambler modification contest, Triumph has hosted its first Bobber Build-Off, showcasing its Bonneville Bobber.

Unlike many custom motorcycle contests, this one concentrates on (but is not limited to) the manufacturer’s own rather extensive available aftermarket “personalization options.” Many of the bikes are customized beyond that availability, but they all use at least a few parts out of the Triumph catalog. That is the point, after all, to showcase not only the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle but also the Triumph catalog full of Bonneville parts.

This is a smart move on Triumph’s part: the custom culture within the greater motorcycle-loving community is pretty hot right now. Anything that makes that customization easier for the customer is a win for the customer and the manufacturer. A wide, comprehensive line of “bolt-on” modifications is something Harley-Davidson has banked on for a lot of years.

Gallery: Triumph Bonneville Bobber Customs

Each of the Triumph entries has been built by a Triumph dealer in the UK: another piece of smart marketing. These are beautiful designs and might get folks into the corresponding dealerships to talk to the techs there about how they did some specific piece of customization, or to get the contact information of the painter they used, or to find out the part number for a given available part (and perhaps order it right there, too). Each bike is a showcase, indeed.

These motorcycles are all as different as the artists in the dealers who created them. The designs vary from a flat-tracker inspiration to a high-piped bike reminiscent of a scrambler. There are bikes with paint schemes and add-ons evocative of a World War II bomber plane, and a deep-South Speakeasy. One of them even pulls from the “East LA Mexican Lowrider” look, and its 120-spoke wheels and seriously sparkly paint job are just breathtaking.

You can go to the Triumph Motorcycles UK website to vote for your favorite build, and if you own a Triumph Bonneville Bobber, perhaps gain a little inspiration for your own custom bobber.

Source: Triumph UK

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