One of the best-known models in motorcycle history is undeniably Honda’s CB series. Since its inception in the mid-60s to this day, the list of CB variants has become pretty extensive with dozens over dozens of different version, powertrains, and trim levels. While the previous generation of the CB has toned things down a bit, the return of the fully naked aesthetic with a dab of retro flare has made the CB series exciting again. In 2017, Honda introduced a new Neo Retro Sports Café design, first made available on the new CB1000R. If you didn’t think the CB alone was sexy enough, one of these 13 customs is sure to change your mind.

Honda Motor Europe Iberia launched the Honda Garage Dreams dealership customization contest in Spain and Portugal. The goal? Create a custom-designed CB1000R. A total of 13 Honda dealers entered the contest and rival in creativity with their designs. The resulting collection of bikes is seriously cool.

Each dealer had a limited budget of max €3,000 for parts and pieces ($3,400) and an extra €2,000 ($2,700) for any other work to be done. Dealers will have to show the invoices to ensure their custom job’s eligibility. The modified model doesn’t have to be road-legal: it only has to look good. The result is a fleet of unique-looking CBs. From the Monkey-inspired design of Mallorca Motos’ “Monkey Kong”, to the gritty Mad-Max-ish, post-apocalyptic CB1000R Survivor of the ServiHonda team, these design make us love the CB a little more.

Gallery: Honda Iberia CB1000R Custom Contest

The contest winner will be announced on April 7, 2019 out of the three selected finalists, during the Live Moto Barcelona motorcycle show. Man, we wished some of these designs made it to production. How cool are the Alfred and the Nozomi? Which one is your favorite design?

Source: Honda Garage Dreams Contest

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