We’ve all been in this situation, right? You buy a new bike, and then you buy a pile of aftermarket parts and upgrades to add to the bike. Then, you have a whole pile of stock parts taking up space in your garage or attic that nobody wants. Are you singing along with me?

French custom motorcycle shop Dab is using a single-cylinder 500cc Husqvarna engine in a steel beam frame and custom swingarm, all inside a customizable, minimalist, 275lb Dab enduro/supermoto style motorcycle, and have dubbed it the LM-S. BikeEXIF has done the bike a solid by photographing it in its altogether (though also in all black which is kinda boring for a bike you can get in so many color combinations).

Ever been frustrated by motorcycle manufacturers who will sell you a new motorcycle in any color you’d like, as long as it’s red? Or perhaps you wanted a bike in that lovely burnt orange color, but you also wanted ABS, and ABS isn’t available in that color? Or maybe as soon as you got it home you spent another thousand or two on suspension upgrades, so now what do you do with the stock parts? Yeah, we’ve all been there. I'm wishing right along with you that the major manufacturers will take a cue here.

You can go to the Dab Motors website and configure your motorcycle to exactly what you want, from the painted parts to the suspension to the color of the anodization of the wheel spoke nipples. The “stock” parts include Brembo brakes (ABS is optional), SM Pro spoked wheels with hubs CNC machined from 7116 aluminum, Motogadget Mini speedometer and turn signals, Renthal bars, Biltwell grips, and a Rizoma gas cap. The trouble is, they’re only currently being sold in the EU.

The founders of Dab motors, Simon Dabadie, who lent his name to the company, and Pierre Jayet, an experienced engineer who used to work at Pugeot, went through the stringent and difficult process of Euro 4 certification with the LM-S. Dabadie said, “The homologation department came to the Dab Motors HQ to check that we could control and improve the quality of our production. After months of work on the LM-S and our manufacturing process, we finally went to Italy for the homologation. We are not going to lie: we were sad when we saw that we had to damage our hard work to weld sensors everywhere, but this is how it‘s done.”

While piles of electric motorcycles are breaking into the market, the good old-fashioned internal combustion machines aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. The computer-rendered 3D-simulated design like Dab uses, though, is definitely the future of all our transportation design, and the English wheels and weld-it-til-it’s-right method of design is quickly going extinct, for good or for ill.

Source: BikeEXIF, Dab Motors

Photo Credit: BikeEXIF

Gallery: Dab Motors Custom LM-S

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