Fashion and motorcycle crossovers are a frequent occurrence. There is, after all, a dominant element of design when it comes to motorcycles and it’s interesting to see how fashion brands used to the Paris and Milan runways perceive and adapt their eye to the shape of a bike. Sometimes, the brand goes for what it does best: clothing, or in the case of motorcycling; gear. Recently, Chanel teamed up with Pharrell Williams and helmet maker Veldt to create a line of funky lids. Now, Maison Berluti, a branch of famed French design house Louis Vuitton, has designed an entire “Berluti Beach” collection of customized items, including a gym weight kit, a soccer ball, a Porsche 911 Targa, and, of course, a beautiful Triumph Bonneville T120.

Aside from the “T” badge decorating the engine cover, it’s hard to tell that the elegant curves of this unique bike are that of a Triumph. The Bonnie has been customized by fashion house Berluti that specializes in leatherwork. The result is an elevated motorcycle design that integrates visual elements inspired by the brand’s classic lines and, of course, rich leather. Only the frame and engine components remain from the original Bonneville—all the bodywork has been personalized to serve the design’s purpose.

Gallery: Berluti Triumph Bonneville T120 Custom

The bodywork is a single piece of molded carbon fiber and Kevlar with matching rear cowl. Berluti’s specialty “Vitello Fiore” deep brown hide adorns the grips and the diamond-stitched saddle. The most striking features of the design are the solid disc wheels, reminiscent of speed record setting bikes of 20s and 30s.

On the inside, the same 1,200cc parallel twin mill makes the Berluti Bonnie tick. Because the motorcycle is stripped of all the components that make it street legal (mirrors and taillight), the bike can only be taken out on the track. The custom Triumph is now up for auction via Sotheby’s and is being sold alongside a pair of matching riding leather boots and a leather-clad helmet. The auction will close on May 7, so it’s time to check it out if you’re under the spell of this engineering-meets-fashion unique piece.

Source: Sotheby's

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