As young adults, we all have ambitions. In my early twenties, what I wanted the most was to finish university and get a job—quite the challenge for an Art History undergrad. Others wanted to see the world or start a family or become famous YouTubers. Then you have kids like Brit Henry Crew who had the humble goal of setting a new world record. A year later, he’s only a few days away from succeeding.

A year, almost day for day, after setting off on his worldwide motorcycle tour, 23-year-old Henry Crew is on target to complete his circle around the globe on Friday, April 19. In doing so, Crew will also become the youngest rider to circumnavigate the world, setting a new Guinness World Record. The former record holder was Kane Avellano who completed the tour in 2017 at age 24. Crew’s journey also served a bigger purpose: Crew organized the trip to support the Movember Foundation and raise awareness for men’s mental health, collecting donations for the cause along the way.


He set off on April 3, 2018 from London, England on his fully loaded Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled—a last-minute swap after he ended up having to write his Kawasaki W800 off. For the following 381 days, he made his way to different checkpoints around the world he had to reach to validate his record. To become the record holder, he also had to complete the trip before the month of May 2019. 35,000 miles later, Crew is right on target with an expected arrival back in London on April 19. An event has been organized at The Bike Shed to welcome him back around 1 pm local time.

Of course, on theme with the organization he chose to support, Crew grew out his mustache during his journey for a truly epic lip bush. 

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