Entrepreneur and speed junky Zef Eisenberg seems to have no limits—other than that of his bike. In May 2018, straddling his trusty supercharged Hayabusa, Eisenberg set a world record for speed on sand when he reached 201 mph. Then, in August of the same year, he went after the British speed record on land, reaching 224,8 mph, also on his ‘Busa. Winter didn’t slow him down: roughly a month ago, he headed over to Finland where he attempted to break a speed record on ice—something his Green Monster running on cleats didn’t seem to enjoy too much. Last week, Eisenberg was back in action and added another record to his book.

The MadMax Green Monster supercharged Hayabusa now boasts 400 hp—50 more than when it established a speed record almost a year ago. On April 6, 2019, Zef Eisenberg headed back to Pendine Sands, the same strip of beach he reached 201 mph in 2018, with the intention of setting a new record.

This time, he was going after the Flying Mile record—the average maximum speed reached over two mile-long runs with a mile-long buffer to reach the desired speed. On Saturday, Einseberg reached an average speed of 182.4 mph which was enough to oust previous record holder, actor Idris Elba and his 180 mark.


Like many of the record holder’s runs, his number of attempts was limited by the toll the first few runs took on the bike. After the first back and forth, the team finally settled on a harder tire compound after the softer one showed signs of failure after only half of the first run. Despite the problematic rubber, the racer managed to reach the record-breaking speed of 182.4 mph.

He could have recorded a much higher speed, as he reached 195 mph on his second outing, however, the engine of the ‘Busa gave up and exploded. Despite being covered in oil, Einseberg safely came to a stop and while he had already secured the Flying Mile record on his first run, he had to take a rain check to pass the 200 mph mark once more.

The mechanical debacle also caused too long a delay for him to attempt a speed record in his specially prepared 1,200hp Porsche 911 Turbo S, which he was going to try on the same day. He will instead tackle the record attempt with the Porsche next month, at the May Speed Week, before attempting to break his own 201-hp speed record with the ‘Busa. The quest for speed never ends!

Sources: BBC, Motorcycle News

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