From the initial COVID-19 outbreak in March, 2020, to the surges in summer and fall, travel policies haven’t been conducive to globetrotting. To help escape the monotony of an endless lockdown, some travel vicariously. YouTube is the perfect platform for such a virtual escape and olive oil importer David Dellanave takes us on a tour of Italy’s culinary contributions with From the Source.

Now, if you’re going to travel through Italy’s Motor Valley, you’d be remiss not to do it aboard a Ducati. The Borgo Panigale brand epitomizes the region’s craftsmanship and tradition, and there’s no better soundtrack to accompany the Italian countryside than a fire-breathing L-twin. To suit the journey, Dellanave brought along Café Racers of Instagram’s head honcho David Chang. The two agreed that Ducati’s Scrambler fit the bill due to its comfort, modern convenience, and throwback aesthetics.

Of course, the two explorers visited Ducati’s Bologna factory along the way, but vignettes dedicated to local producers, bakers, and farmers are the real highlights of the 31-minute film. Whether Dellanave and Chang are sampling truffles, learning from world-class chefs, or observing a wild boar hunt, the mastery and skill are evident. In a world accustomed to mass-produced products and immediate gratification, Italy reminds us that new isn’t always best.

From the hazelnut region of Cortemilia to Norcia’s salumi and black truffles, the intimate glimpse into the lives of local artisans proves the importance of tradition. In an industry brimming with technological advancements like adaptive cruise control and multi-level traction control systems, hopefully, some OEMs heed that message. All we know is that Dellanave and Chang’s delectable expedition left us with a stomach grumbling louder than a Ducati L-twin.

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