Behind the glitz and glamour of global motorcycle racing in the likes of the MotoGP and WSBK, are hundreds, if not thousands of crewmen, technicians, engineers, and marshals working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Apart from the individuals who are responsible for keeping the show running, lots of equipment and machinery is also involved, especially in the logistics side of things. 

If you're one who frequently watches the MotoGP or WSBK, I'm sure you've noticed just how many scooters there are on the sidelines of the track. As it would turn out, these scooters play an important role in ferrying marshals around the track, as well as immediate response in the event things go sideways. That being said, the  (FIM) has been looking at ways to increase the sustainability of motorcycle racing on the global stage. This means cutting down on emissions wherever possible.

CAKE And FIM Join Forces For More Sustainable Race Management

While internal combustion engine-powered racing machines won't be going anywhere anytime soon, the numerous scooters used behind the scenes are about to get an electric makeover. You see, the FIM and Swedish electric motorcycle maker, CAKE, have joined forces to make motorcycle racing just a tad more sustainable. In line with the FIM's sustainability strategy is caring for the climate, part of this can be achieved by reducing the overall emissions produced during racing events.

The partnership between the FIM and CAKE will go much deeper than just making use of CAKE's electric two-wheelrs for around track duty, with the two organizations working together to develop and incorporate energy alternatives to be integrated into motorcycle racing events. The first step of the partnership, however, is to use the CAKE Ösa utility scooter as the FIM's main mode of transportation around the paddock area. Not only will the CAKE's utility scooter eliminate added emissions during racing events, it will also showcase innovative alternative means of transport, particularly, the modular design of the CAKE Ösa. 

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