Zaiser is a Colorado-based startup that is promising a lot with its very first electric motorcycle, dubbed the Electrocycle. The brand claims that it will have up to 300 miles of range, which should be enough to quell fears of range anxiety—possibly. 

Due to launch in late 2021 or early 2022 according to the brand's website, the Electrocycle's key technical claims and features look to be a promising proposition. Most of the e-bikes that we've covered are better off in the city due to their limited range and speed. 

That being said, Zaiser claims that the Electrocycle will have a top speed of 120 miles per hour, a zero to sixty time of 3.6 seconds, and that impressive 300-mile range. The twin-hub, or twin motor, makes this bike an all-wheel-drive motorcycle, which is a bit of an oddity for the chain- or shaft-driven, gasoline-powered motorcyclist. Of course, all of these figures are still claims at this point in time, but we'll see if Zaiser makes good on its promise if or once the bike launches and is tested out in the real world.

Zaiser Electrocycle
Zaiser Electrocycle

Taking a look at the bike, its large cruiser-like body houses a 17.3 kWh battery and features a fast-charging system. The bike would benefit by going with a standard EV plug, but Zaiser hasn't specified this on their product page just yet. However, the startup boasts about its "key innovation" being the interchangeable battery units that prevent premature obsolescence and eases charging anxiety. The cells may also be charged at home so you have a fully charged battery to swap in when you get back from a ride—if you remember to plug it in. 

Other features, according to Zaiser, will include traction control, auto stabilization—which Zaiser didn't really elaborate on, a modular design, proximity sensors, wearable interconnectivity, and a roadside assistance system. 

You can actually invest in Zaiser on Wefunder. Zaiser set its crowdfunding goal at $500,000 USD, in return, you get future equity. As per the Wefunder page, investors get perks if they invest $500 USD, $1,000 USD, or $10,000 USD. 


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