Electric vehicle development and adoption have boomed over the last few years. From swappable battery networks to flexible lithium polymer batteries, engineers and manufacturers are discovering better ways to keep electrics on the road. The energy sector isn’t far behind either, with Shell rolling out its first charging station in France.

The Dutch oil giant will set up the company’s first mobility hub in the Lobau car park located in the Paris’ Saint-Merri neighborhood. The facility will feature eight 22 kW and 50 kW fast chargers. Located near the Hôtel de Ville and Église Saint-Merry, the charging station will serve as a central electric vehicle hub for Parisians.

“The opening of this first charging hub responds to our commitment to electric mobility in France and will support the energy transition of the transport sector,” commented Shell France president Vincent Baril. “It is also an opportunity to bring the Shell brand back to the heart of Paris, to help vehicle fleet operators reduce their carbon footprint and help the City meet its own commitments to reduce CO2 emissions.”

Despite the hub’s central location, it won’t be accessible for all electric owners. Shell’s first French charging station will serve commercial vehicles (taxis, tourist vehicles, etc.). Members will need a Shell Recharge card to access the “pumps”. Next, the company will set its sights on a second charging station at the Aéroville shopping center at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport.

While the news seems disappointing for private electric vehicle owners, Shell is already plotting a course for its on-street charging stations. The oil company purchased electric charging company Ubitricity in January, 2021, adding its 4,200 charging points throughout France, , and the to Shell’s network.

The new commercial mobility hub and on-street charging stations will go a long way towards the brand’s goal of establishing 500,000 charging points by 2025. Yes, electric development and adoption have come a long way in recent years but it still has a long way, yet.

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