If you want to really get to know someone, watch what they do when things go completely wrong. In most cases, that will tell you way more about them than you'll ever learn when things are going well. 

As a prime example, we have this absolute heart-in-throat UTV rollover video. Some UTVs were out to play in the dunes when one UTV driver had a massive rollover.

It's tough to watch, thinking about the people inside, but we counted four complete rolls before a second UTV came to its rescue. How did they do it? Instead of racing away from the crash, they powered forward from lower down on the dune to use their UTV as a wedge.


Thanks to this quick thinking, the rolled-over vehicle was able to a) stop rolling, b) rebalance on its wheels instead of endlessly tumbling, and c) eventually lose enough momentum to come to a complete stop.

Thankfully, everyone involved was OK. We know this because the driver of the X3 that came to the rescue posted the video on his Instagram after the fact. In fact, that's the very first line of his caption, because he knew what everyone watching it was probably thinking.

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Be The Wedge, Not The Panic Button

That situation must have been terrifying for everyone who saw it and lived it. Obviously, we're watching it after the fact, and we weren't there when it happened. Instead, we (like you) are just watching the video later on the internet, and also marveling at the fact that it didn't turn into a complete disaster. 

So, that's the question. When an emergency happens, and you have to act as quickly as possible, are you the kind of person who tries to solve the problem? Or do you flail helplessly and run away?

To be completely clear, it is absolutely OK to be scared and/or freaked out. It's a freaky situation for sure. If you can find a way to set that fear aside, help out in the moment, and then freak out after the fact, we guarantee that both you and whoever you're helping will feel better about the whole thing.

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