When Suzuki started designing the Hayabusa, it's a safe bet that it probably never pictured some guy and his buddies building a crash cage around it, sticking a paddle tire on it, and taking it to the sand dunes. Still, that's the fun of modification, isn't it? You don't modify your bike to suit anyone but yourself.

So far, we've seen enduro rider Matt Spears do a lot with his modified Hayabusa. Utilizing his unique combination of skills to the fullest, he's out there doing things most riders wouldn't dream of doing. Even seasoned, skilled off-road riders might think twice before attempting the hill climbs, sand dune ripping, and yes, sand dune wheelies that he's accomplishing with a laugh.

With him in this video are sand expert brothers Braxton and Briggs Tomlinson, who've brought proper dirtbikes. One is highly modified, going from making about 50-ish horsepower to now making about 75. Naturally, there's a drag race on sand, because why wouldn't there be if there's a Hayabusa?

Ah, but seriously, this video is a little bit different from some of the previous ones. Here, the 'Busa (still unnamed, at least publicly) seems to be in its element. We're obviously seeing an edited, curated version of all the shenanigans that went on while they were recording the footage that eventually made it into this video, but you can see Spears and the bike start to be less tentative and more confident as the video progresses. His levels of skills and confidence at what he's doing here might be above what a lot of us would probably feel, but it's all relative.

In any case, this is the rare video where they're just out doing crazy stuff on the Hayabusa and nothing ends in tears. No leaving the bike sadly overnight while they figure out a way to recover it; no need to fix a broken bike at the end. It's just smiles and sand all the way down, and it's nice to see.

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