Ever since partnering up with KTM in 2007, Bajaj has enjoyed notable success in the global market with KTM’s 390 and Husqvarna’s 401 series. Since then, the Indian company has been entrusted with developing more models, including an electric scooter platform under the Husqvarna brand called the Vektorr.

The concept Husky Vektorr first hit the scene way back in 2021, but since then, has pretty much fallen off the radar. That being said, a recent development could breathe new life into this electric scooter. Our friends over at Indian motorcycle website BikeWale managed to uncover a trademark filing from Bajaj bearing the “Vector” name. Indeed, when I ran a search on India’s IP Online service, a trademark application for “Bajaj Vector” appeared, under Class 12 for Automobiles, Land Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Electric Vehicles.

Is Bajaj Working On A New Electric Scooter Called The Vector?

According to the filing, the trademark was applied for on August 16, 2023 – fairly recent in the grand scheme of things. So this begs the question: what exactly is the Bajaj Vector? Well, multiple sources seem to suggest that it is indeed a new electric scooter. However, whether or not it’s the Husqvarna Vektorr, albeit renamed under Bajaj branding, remains a mystery.

At the moment, Bajaj already has an electric scooter called the Chetak, and has been selling it for quite some time now. The launch of a more premium electric scooter will not only add to the growing selection of electric two-wheelers on the market, but also elevate Bajaj’s status as a pioneer in the EV two-wheeler market. You could argue that the manufacturer has been left behind by newer players in the game such as Ather and Ola Electric, and the launch of a premium electric scooter could certainly change that.

Husqvarna Vektorr Concept - Left Side

There’s been a growing demand for lightweight electric motorcycles and scooters across Asia and Europe, and lots of mainstream manufacturers have been capitalizing on this in recent years. As such, there’s no reason to doubt that Bajaj is indeed working on a new electric scooter. In fact, a prototype of a new e-scooter had been spotted testing on multiple occasions in the past. With all that being said, there’s also a possibility that Bajaj is simply safeguarding the Vector name for future use, and has no intentions of rolling out a new model under that name anytime soon. In that case, your guess is as good as mine.

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